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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Not happy about waking up 5:45 am or that pain woke me up. The good news is I got to spend some time with Stan before he left for OH sometime after seven. I have a very busy day ahead and may not get home from 2 pm until 8 pm.

Those of you on chemo (at least the over 65 crowd) may know that's a long stretch with getting a chance to relax. I'm going to prepare for it with a very unusual morning. I'm going to take some Tylenol for pain and lay down and watch something on my DVR. When I get up I'll get my stuff together for the afternoon/evening chores in town and roast veggies for lunch. That's all I have planned so hopefully I won't be wrung out tonight. I look forward to group at 5 pm and dinner after.

Gosh, Heidi and Donny, it's been a long haul with the flu for you guys. One of the things I have planned for today is get the flu shot. I've been promising myself I'd do it for a couple of weeks. Hope I get the right one and get it in time. I hope you guys get better real soon.

Bud, I'm chuckling over your Air post. Only you would celebrate biking 12 miles to work in the morning. I laugh but I'm really impressed. I was biking in my 40's and worked my way up to 4 miles lol. Now I can hardly bike at all. Haven't given up yet though. I made my husband get new wheels for my bike to the tune of about a hundred bucks. I feel the need to get my monies worth.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning everyone. I will join you Judy as an early riser. I have been awake sense 4am and up sense before 5. It was not pain that woke me but this mind of mine that can't shut off if an idea flashes through.

I am calmer now but still stewing over the situation here and plan on doing something about it at our town hall meeting tomorrow. I have the words but they get tangled when I am mad or hurt so I plan on writing it all down and reading what I want to say. I hope to be to the point without being mean. I have a message for them all and among the main subjects is the fact that I have a lot of friends that I have chosen and who have chosen to be friends with me. I took the right away for everyone else who tries to choose who I can be friends with when I divorced my husband. That little tid bit is for Linda but there will be much more :x

I sure hope your plan works Judy. I remember how wiped out Johnny would get from chemo. He usually slept through it but the next day had no energy at all.

It is cold and finally rainy here in Redding and most of California today. This is some long awaited cool and rain. I just hope we don't do like Florida. Texas and Georgia and flood to break our drought.

Well I had better run. I have a lot of thoughts to get down and plan on cooking for me and my guy. He may not be able to come here right now but he can still enjoy what I fix for him at his house. May even be able to step in here for a minute for a quick hug. Never thought I would be sneaking around like a teenager at my age but I guess it will keep things interesting. I almost asked him to hug me while we were walking in plain view yesterdayhe would have too but I didn't want to cause the laundry room to be b acked up by all of those people trying to was the sh%% out of their pants :wink:

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Judy...sounds like you have a long and busy day ahead of you. Make sure to find time to rest and also drink lots of fluid. It's really hot here in Florida and we have to remember to drink a lot during the day. I've been contemplating buying a bicycle...but I could never make 12 miles...lol!!!

Lil....you crack me up!!! I am so proud of you and are glad that you're going to take all of those busy bodies on at the meeting. I think it's a good idea to write your thoughts down rather than just shooting from the hip. Sometimes, when we just spout off, we say things that are better unsaid and end up doing more harm than good. You have a way with words and I am sure you will say just the right thing to fit the situation. I think you should have hugged in public!!!

It's still hot here in Florida. We're supposed to have a cold front push through by the weekend and Saturday and Sunday high temps are only going to be 80. Do you think I'll have to pull out my sweaters???

Oh, I have a favor. Does anyone have a magic wand they could pull out and make it Friday for me????

Tina....How about them VOLS??? Go Big Orange!!!

And ...speaking of orange....I think the orange jerseys worked magic for the Dolphins last night!!! I'm a real Colts fan but Dolphins are next in line!!!


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I have to agree about writing things down, when I start speaking about an emotional issue I can get so tongue tied I sound like an idiot. You are an adult Lily and should have the right to be treated as adults. I'm going in for another CT scan and chest exray to day, wish me luck.

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Anne - I am still wondering when my weekend will end lol

Lily - I say "you go girl"! Some people are way to worried and involved in other peoples business, mos the time they are probably bored or just are miserable in their own skin

Judy - Have fun today but take it easy. That means NO dancing :lol:

Well I am embarrassed to admit I am just waking up for the final time 1120am. I never go back to sleep especially not til 11. Ann if anyone comes forward with a magic wand send em to me I NEED to get better I miss huggin my babies. So I think it is raining her but I am still in bed and DONT plan on getting up :oops:

Well hope everyone is having a great day!

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Donny, I'm late with my GOOD LUCKS!!!! Been ramming all day but feel so much better. No laxatives, no fish oil, no flax seed oil. I wasn't taking any chances on ruining today what with group and dinner afterwards. The onc at group reminded me of what to do now: don't take any of the Omega 3s for one more day, then introduce one at a time dosage by dosage. That will tell me if they are the culprit or if it's the chemo or laxatives. Duh, I should have remembered that.

Have a good evening everyone. Mike I miss you but will turn out the lights in your place. Hope you are o.k. Feel free to pm me if you don't feel like posting.

Judy in Key West

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