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Omega 3 and Immune System


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Recently I saw an eye doctor for my recurring (since Spring) eye problems. He recommended over-the-counter eye drops called Alaway. He also prescribed Omega 3 as an immune booster for my problem which seems to be allergies and a tear duct disorder.

I was distracted and took the recommendation of someone I knew who worked in the pharmacy and Purchased Mason's natured Omega-3-6-9. It occurred to me a week or so later that I didn't check the ingredients. I have a very significant soy allergy and so many health food products contain it that I'm usually more careful. My investigation revealed I was indeed ingesting soybean oil. Subsequently, I went to the store again and with much difficulty managed to find a fish oil capsule and a flax seed oil without soy. I have been suffering for days now with intense gas pains that I have been avoiding after an infusion with my laxative treatment (Miralax) for Alimta constipation. The situation has now been complicated with the fish oil and flax seed oil. Are they causing it? Can I stop the laxatives sooner because I'm taking the oils? My onc told me once that the laxatives were probably causing the gas, not the Alimta.

This may seem a minor problem but it's not. I've been in constant pain the past couple of evenings and it woke me this morning. The pain is concentrated in my left side and abdomen but it's complicated by pain under my left breast. I've had that before, it's where my pleural thickening is, and never associated it with gas.

Is anyone taking the omegas? What brand and form, capsules or oil? And have you had any bad effects? Does your body get used to it. I need to figure this out. It doesn't seem to be going away.

Judy in Key West

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Omega 3 is more important for the heart health because it controls the cholesterol level and prevents from the heart stroke. It is also supports to fight against the cancer and brain problems. It works us a super food and also super nutrition to improve overall health.

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