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Something just happened that amazed me. If you have followed my posts this week you know that I plan on letting my neighbors and the aprtment manager know that I am taking control of my life. I will not be taking on any more jobs around here because I have other priorities and most of you know because I am really p@@@sed right now.

I just reread the paper that I want to read at the meeting. I lay it down and came on here to read. I was reading Judy's message on air then looked down. Laying on top of my paper was another one. I get so many of those name and address labels especially from Guideposts. I just use what I need and never read any of the paperwork that comes with them.

Somehow the labels ended up on top of my letter. How I don't know but the really amazing thing is that the back is face up. I had never read it before or even noticed it. This is what it says.

Making Decisions

Even when we don't make the best decisions, we can be confident that God works out all things--not just isolated incidents- for our good.

Now considering my little speach tomorrow is all about making my own dicisions and choosing my own friends finding this in that way just blew my mind. I feel like someone is telling me to go for it and all will be alright.

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I think you were unsure about exactly what you were going to say tonight and this is just God's little way of letting you know that you're on the right track. Of course, I have to chuckle when I visualize Johnny, having a heart-to-heart conversation with God. I think this is how the conversation might go...."God, you have to help me with this one. My Lilly is a great gal and she's always given so many sacrifices to help other people and to make their lives better. Now, she needs to make her life better and is getting a lot of flack from her nosy, busy bodied neighbors. So, God, can you do me a favor here and send her a little sign that we....You and I ...want her to get on with her life and do what she wants for a change? She just needs to tell those people to butt out and leave her be!!! "

So...I think that's probably what Johnny said to God...just before that paper landed on top of your notes for tonight!!!

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