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Thursday's air


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Good morning. I was up a 5am again. Either I can't stay asleep during the night or I wake up before the birds in the morning. I wish I could sleep more but looks like 5 to 6 hours is all my body can handle.

I really need to get busy on some of my projects today. I always look forward to Thursdays because there is nothing planned for our community on this morning. This morning though I am adrift. I have so many things to do and just can't decide where to start. That always throws me off.

It doesn't help me to get busy when I spend so much time thinking about a man :oops: I forgot how distracting that can be. I sure thought I was past the time in my life when I could feel these things.

After Johnny died and I moved up to French Gulch in the mountains a year later I took almost a year off of work. It drained my finances but gave me a chance to write our story out for my healing process. I used the time to get to know God and myself again. I conditioned myself to know that I would never feel the loving arms of a man again nor see a sparkle in someones eyes that could melt my heart. I thought there were so many parts of myself and my life I would never share again.

Learning that I was wrong is kind of scary. I want all of those things again but I am afraid too. My heart is just too fragile it would be so easily broken. Still if I don't take the chance I know I will be missing so much. Those special guys just don't come around too often.

Oh I am much too serious for this time of the morning. There is still a light rain falling and I really don't mind. After Misty wakes up i'll take her out then hook up my iron. I haven't ironed in ages but I made my poodle skirt for our Halloween Party and it needs to be pressed and I have some winter shirts to iron too. Boy when I decided to do the 50s thing for Halloween I forgot that a full skirt like that can make everyone but a toothpick look like a boxcar :lol: and believe me when I say I am no toothpick.

I was supposed to get back on my diet but it is hard. I keep thinking up things I want to cook for Terry or I get a craving for something and there goes my diet!!!

Judy I sure hope that you are full of energy today.

Ann my oldest son David and his family encluding my granddaughter and her husband and little girl are all in Disney World. They say it is terribly hot too. I am so grateful that I now live where there are real seasons. I plan to go out tomorow and ride to see the colored leaves. The bus is free tomorrow and I don't think the storm knocked them all off.

Ok time for me to end this. I don't know how I got so long winded :!:

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Morning All! Morning Lily! Glad I'm not in that early waking stage. I've been getting up a respectable 6:45 since Stan left. I have my tea brewing set the night before so all is well.

I'm trying to keep things a little low keyed today. I wore myself out yesterday and want to have energy to go to town later. The cleaning lady will come today or tomorrow and frankly, for once I am cleaning ahead of her. There are things she never gets to under normal circumstances and with all our travel, we haven't had her come for awhile. This morning I was cleaning my laundry/pantry a little at a time. She never does it.

I thought my computer was going bad yesterday. After some irrelevant troubleshooting, I found out it was my mouse. I don't use the mousepad. The tips of my thumb and finger don't have normal feeling. I've had a skin disorder on them for so many years. Would never be able to play Zuma or Luxor on the mousepad anyway so I'm off to town to get a mouse and run other errands while I'm there.

Hope you all have a good day.

Judy in Key West

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I was up at 4:20 am and pedaling my bike toward work by 5:25. It was 70's with a stiff southwest wind as I rode, but a front hit shortly after I got to work, and it's turning cooler and misting now. Is it Friday yet?

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Today's another chemo day, so I'll be heading down the hill in about 90 minutes. That starts another fun-filled 3-week cycle. Actually, I'm not complaining, since I'm still here and doing a heck of a lot better than I expected 3 years ago!

Those mousepad things on laptop/notebook computers don't work for me either. I have an extra USB trackball in the living room which I can plug in whenever I use my Dell away from its docking station.

Gotta go.


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Ned, I know what you mean about that fun-filled 3-week cycle. I also know how you feel about not wanting to complain since we've done much worse treatments. I'm past the nasty days now but am really really tired. Of course with Stan away, I do tend to slip into workaholic mode.

I have two standard sized trackballs for my desktop--one cordless (with cordless keyboard) and one corded one. The corded one isn't USB and I keep it for a quick hookup when the cordless periodically goes bonkers on me in the middle of something important. Neither is good for a quick hook-up to my laptop so I've been buying the little USB ones made by Belkin, Kensington and Targus. Problem is, they've gotten cheaper lately but I don't think they're lasting much more than a year. Of course, I play fast paced games with them so....Anyway, I got the cutest little two toned hot pink/purple one today lol. Only a woman, right?

Bud, I never thought about the change in weather from morning to quitting time when you're riding a bike. Doesn't sound at all like fun if you have to bike home at the end of the day in a drizzle!

Lily, hope your day has gone well for you and you didn't work too hard.

And Will if you are reading, I just know they won't keep you down for long. Good luck. We'll be waiting for your update.

Judy in Key West

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