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I don't remember if I ever posted this

Nick C

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Some of you might remember the story of mom's morning glory. That same neighbor, whose son mom loved like a grandchild, wrote me an e-mail a couple of years back.

I was just cleaning out my e-mail and came across it and it brought tears to my eyes:

It was great to see you, Nick. After you left, I realized I forgot to tell you about something. About a month ago, Johnny and I both had similar dreams about your mom within days of each other. I didn’t tell him about mine so when he told me about his in great detail, it made me feel so happy. In both, she showed us where she was, in a beautiful, sunny, warm, grassy place with blue skies and birds chirping. In my dream, she pointed to the scene and said, you see? And that was it. In Johnny’s she showed him the same thing and then went on to take him bowling and play games with him. I know she was telling us she is ok. Of course, she was smiling and happy. I hope this brings you some comfort. It did to us.

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Nick...........I'm happy you posted that about your Mom and what a beautiful place she is in.....I needed to read that for myself. Thank you dear :) Maybe your Mom and my husband are smiling down on us. The thought brings comfort.

Thank you again!

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What a great story! I have had quite a few very vivid dreams of my dad where we are driving down a road (I'm driving :) and we are talking about what has been going on with me, the family, the kids, etc... I tell him funny stories and he just laughs and laughs just like I remember him laughing when he was alive. They are so comforting and leave me with such a wonderful peaceful feeling. I truly believe that my dad stops by to visit in my dreams :) Just I am sure that she brings those beautiful smiles to your daughter's lips when she is sleeping :)

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