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hope all of you enjoying your christmas time. I enjoyed it.

But, I have a question and hope some of you could help on this.

My dad recently has some headaches, as he had finished PCI, is that one of the side effects of PCI? Did anyone experience the same? I am just worrying about the brain mets. starting from yesterday, he has neck pain, I asked him this is bone pain or muscle pain, he said this is muscle pain. I am afraid that these are the symptom of brain mets. I only hope that my Dad's headahce is caused by PCI. :cry: Is it possible for a person who had PCI but still got brain mets later on?

Who has that kind of experience? Actually, we will bring this out to the oncologist on Jan 2. But now I just want someone could tell me something about this.

My dad now is already off the Prednisone for a week and he has no cough already. This is a good news for me. Anyway, please pray for my dad. Thank you so much.

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Guest Karen C.


Dave had terrible headaches with PCI. They put him on the steroid Decadron for the headaches, because the PCI was causing brain swelling which caused them. Decadron's used alot for brain swelling from brain tumors so I think it's better for that than predisone.

His doc should do a CT Scan of the brain after the PCI to see how the brain did and check for mets. Make sure they do one.

Karen C.

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He never vomit since the diagnosis. But I am worried now, because Dad tonight, vomited once. He said after vomitting, the headache was disappeared. I found some information tell that headache may initiate vomiting. We encourage him to go to the ER but he refused. What could we do??


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