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My husband answered me today


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I will no longer post my sorrow in the grieving section. After this morning I won't need to do that anymore.

Before my husband passed while I was holding him and talking to him I asked that he send me a sign he is with me after his passing. Many people ask that lights go on or off....some ask for pennies to be found. But I wanted to ask him for something different....something that no one else would understand. I asked him to send me nuts, bolts and screws. And the reason for this is because he would "never" toss those things away. He always said to me.....you never know when you'll need one.

This morning I went into his closet and picked up his little travel bag. You know, the ones men use for shaving creams, razors and such when going on a trip. I started throwing some of the things away that I knew were quite old since we hadn't traveled anywhere in a long time...such as toothpaste etc. Then...in the very last compartment were "TWO SCREWS". There is no way in heck that he would have traveled with those......I know in my heart he put them there for me to find. Somehow after some tears and holding them in my hand close to my heart I just know he's telling me that he's here with me and everything is going to be okay.

I'm not crying right now.....I feel strength and love. I'm not alone....the love of my life is right here next to me.....taking care of me and loving me.

I'm going to save each and every one I find and keep them so that when I feel down I can open a little box and remember. Maybe a big box!

I'm going to be okay.......... :)

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Ya got my eyes tearing up Michelle!! Glad to hear Ya got a good sign and feel better. That is a great idea. I actually have a memory box from Deb of things she loved to keep and of course our wedding rings and her fave pendant.

lots of people get signs in different ways. each is different and that was a good one to get. IT helps you and that is the MOST IMPORTANT Thing of all...

WOOHOOO!!! Great Sign.......

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Oh Michelle thank you so much. I really needed this reminder this morning. I remember in my first days how the signs I got from Johnny kept me from going all the way over the edge.

I have been in a sad and lonly mood yesterday and all night. Seeing this makes it a little lighter. I know that we have helped each other but there is nothing like getting that help from the one who owns your heart and soul.

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I am so happy that this happened for you, Michelle. I have so many wonderful stories about "signs and messages" that I have gotten from my Dennis over the years and I draw comfort from them each time they cross my mind or I share them with a friend. It's amazing how comforting it can be to know that our loved ones never really leave us, as they are forever alive in our hearts. I know that my Dennis used to always tell me that every time I think of him, he will be alive. I can tell you that those thoughts are long and often.

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This morning while cleaning out my makeup drawer I found THREE MORE SCREWS! There is no logical explanation for those being in my makeup drawer. (what woman would do that huh?) I hope that I continue to find many more because it's such a comfort for me to think that these are signs telling me everything is going to okay! Doesn't mean I'm not going to be sad and depressed because I miss him so much though. Which means no promises of not posting about my tears. BUT I'm so happy the "signs" are coming.

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Yes Michelle you are getting what you need from him. I told you it would happen. I am so happy for you.

Marisa I am glad that you posted here as well. I have had you both so much on my mind lately. I am glad too that you have found that Faith. Remember Marisa that was the first time we actually got in touch.

Love you both and am so very happy that you are both finding some good things in your lives.

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