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Getting to Know You- Monday, October 19


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OK guys and dolls......today is a "let's pretend" day. Let's pretend you're dressing up for Halloween (whether you are or not). You're going to pick a costume or a character that will really portray the real you! Who/what will you be and why?

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The Energizer Bunny. Or a hummingbird. My daughter used to say if I were a bird, I'd be a hummingbird (in constant motion lol). Why? Isn't it obvious? More than anything since my dx, I miss the energy level I always had. Maybe now I should dress like a slug LOL.

Judy in Key West

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"RandyW"]the guy on the corner with the windex and the squegeee!!!

You are a nut Randy...no question! LOL

Me....let's see....There was one year I dressed up as a saloon girl and everyone thought I was a hooker....so that's out. (besides I'm too fat now) Another year I was a pregnant nun....hummm...that's out too.

So, considering my frame of mind right now I think I'd like to dress up like a cop. One with a great BIG gun (no bullets, might be too tempting) so I could scare the crap out of someone who makes me mad. Yea.....and I need some handcuffs too! Forget the keys.....who needs em!

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I actually used to dress up for Halloween and hand out candy.

If you go to www.myspace.com/outrider323

Then go to my pictures and then the "My Photos" you can see me in my costume and all the decorating we used to do. I stopped decorating because parents of kids 12/13 y/o would not let their kids come up to the house because "it was too scary". When I had kids as young as 2,3, and 4 and their parents coming up all the time. It is a shame when parents are too over protective that they don't allow their kids to have fun.

Anyway check out the pics of what I cal my "night job."


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