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Another brain met


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Hi been coming on this site for quite awhile, so I guess it is time to tell my story. My 47 yr old husband on Christmas day 2008 had a seizer stoped breathing my kids had to do CPR on him, then off the ER, CT scan revealed a tumor next to his motor skills area which was causing his leg to twitch. They operated 4 days later, did a biopsy and then we got the DX NSCLC stage IV. Two weeks later we were recieving WBR, if I would not have still been in such shock I am not sure we would have done it. Then 2 chemo session, cat scan and mri, nothing changed, so they decided to stop the chemo sence he was not doing to good, sleeping alot, confused, not eating. It took a couple months for him to feel better, and camping is what he wanted to do so we went camping a total of 26 days this summer, right before July fourth he had scans done, and they found something on his Pancreast. Had biopsy on July 10th, could not find anything? But still there. Now he has another brain tumor, already so the WBR did not hold it off for very long. He will be getting Gamma Knife on Oct 30th. He seems more tired and his short term memery is getting worse, but he is still doing pretty good, we have tried to stay very positive as I believe it helps so much. It's the new brain met that has me worried[/img]

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I can't tell you a lot about the medical aspect of cancer any more. It has been too long sense I was fighting the battle with my Johnny. I can tell you however how important that positive attitude is.

We have all heard so many times what love can do but there is another side to love and another thing that helps fight cancer more than anything else. That is HOPE. Never let anyone take that away from either of you. You are fighting the battle of a lifetime, without hope you just can't fight as hard as you need to. Just remember that God and God alone can decide what life has ahead of us. As long as there is life there is hope.

I know how frightened you are right now. The days ahead must look awfully dark and frightening to you. You take that hope and use it to help you and your family find the strength you need to face what lies ahead.

There are so many of us here that know the fear but we also know that there is always HOPE. We are here to help you find that hope and to let you vent your fears, frustrations and anger.

Take care and come here whenever yoou need to. I am sure there are many who can help with the medical advice or support that you need.

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Debbie, I don't have personal experience to call on but do know that there have been many people here who have had successful treatment for brain mets. From what I understand, gamma knife is a close cousin of cyberknife and have been administered with much success. I also believe that compared to radiation, they have minimal if any side-effects.

Don't give up hope. Going camping with your husband this summer because he wanted to go camping probably did more than all medicine could do. You are a loving and supportive wife and that's going to go a long way in helping him fight this battle.

Hang in there and keep us posted.

Judy in Key West

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Welcome Debbie!

There are many folks here who have successfully fought brain mets. When you get soem time read through the stories on this board and you will find much hope and inspiration. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions. It is very likely that someone here and knwoledge and/or experience they can share.


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Thanks for your responses, I know there is so much that can be done, but it is still pretty darn scary. He has a CT scan on Fri. for his chest , then the onc on the 28th then the gamma on 30th so hopefully his lungs are still stable, although he has been coughing alot more and has had alot of plem. He also has asthma and that has gotten worse. We have been pretty darn lucky so far when I read about all the treatments that all of you have had. We have alot of friends and family for support, and that has helped us be so positive. We also have horses and I do believe riding them is very theriputic[sp] Thanks again Debbie

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