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Thank you & Apology


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Just wanted to take a moment to thank those who contacted me directly or thru FB wishing me prayers and get well wishes for my son. (He was dx. with H1N1 on Monday) Great news is he is doing fine and getting well quickly. Your contacting me and your well wishes means more to me than you will ever know.

On top of that I've been feverishly working on my event coming up in 2 weeks. It's been madness. I'm virtually a planning & organizing & sponsorship committe of one, although I did pick up some good event day volunteers for this year. I've been stretched very thin the past couple of weeks and probably will be for another couple of weeks.

Just wanted to take this moment to say thanks and to apologize for not being around as much. I will do better and I promise once the event is over it WILL be better.

Hugs everyone and thanks for your patience with me.

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Katie you amaze me. You have given so much of yourself and you just keep giving. Most of us here know what it is like to have a family and juggle a job with them. You are not doing just a job you are constantly reaching out and finding ways to help others and to get the message across about lung cancer and the need to make a difference. You do it with a passion that most people could never even imagine.

You are the one who deserves a big THANK YOU. Now take care of that wonderful family of yours and your passion. When you have an extra minute we will be here. Until then we will all be cheering you on.

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