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Who to notify following a death


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Places to notify after a death:

1. The mortuary will notify the Social Security Office but, a family member should call them within a week or two to verify any changes to benefits, 1-800-772-1213. **Note** There is a death benefit of $255, but it is only paid if there is a surviving spouse or eligible children, and directly to them.

Who Can Get Survivor's Benefits?

* Widows and widowers age 60 or older.

* Widows and widowers at any age if caring fot the deceased's children who are under age 16.

* Divorced wives and husbands age 60 or older, if married to the deceased 10 years or more.

* Widows, widowers, divorced wives and divorced husbands age 50 or older, if they are disabled.

* Children up to age 18.

* Children age 18-19, if they attend elementary school or high school full time.

* Children over age 18, if they became disabled before age 22.

* The deceased worker's parents age 62 or older, if they were being supported by the worker.

If the person dies in the middle of the month, Social Security does not pro-rate the number a days a person lived in that month so their whole check may have to be returned.

2. Banks where accounts are held.

3. Any companies where investments are held.

4. All Insurance Companies, Retirement Plans and Fraternal Benefit Programs.

5. Title companies for property .

* Be aware that when you go to sell property you will need a copy of the death certificate.

6. Dept. of Motor Vehicles to change titles of vehicles.

7. You will need a certified copy of the death certificate to file with the income taxes for the year of death if applicable.

8. Attorney if Probate is necessary.

9. Change the beneficiary on any insurance, benefit programs, investments and bank accounts.

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Well Dear it is good to see you up and posting but still I wonder if you took the time away that you need. You are so good to post this because I know there are so many who are lost when it comes time to make those decisions.

As always I will be here if you need to talk or just a shoulder to cry on. Much love and many prayers for you. Lillian

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I had a hard time getting through all the things that have to be done following a death. There is a sticky post I put on after John passed away which might help you. I think the title is something like "can we talk about all the other stuff?" Rich put a link to a list - hopefully it still works.

I started out getting through a lot of things and then I just couldn't do it anymore. I still have things that should be done. Social Security went well I thought until the paperwork arrived and it had my daughter Jillian as deceased instead of John. It was a nightmare trying to get it corrected. At one point they said I might have to bring her to the office to prove she was alive! I couldn't believe it.

So I hope it goes well for you and you get through it better than I did.


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