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Morning All! Beautiful sunny day in Key West. I even took my tea outside this morning. I finished reading my paper and talked to my hubby out there. It was great--I caught the movement in the water in the canal out of the corner of my eye. I didn't actually see the fish that rolled but am sure it was a tarpon. They are frequent visitors and I used to swim with them.

I'm kinda glad the board is slow this morning. Stan is on his way home as we speak--a day early because it rained yesterday and they were expecting rain again today. With the set-back my health gave me this week, I'm not at all ready. Will see how much I can get done. I'm feeling bad because I really wanted to get Loreen out again.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

P.S. Will hope they're giving you whatever meds you need and that you are comfortable post-surgery.

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Hi Judy. I was up early and of coarse on the board. I think sometimes my mind works far too much. I'm afraid that I tend to share far more than I should and bore everyone. Still for some reason I feel that is really part of my process to put the past to rest. To make peace with it and store my love and memories down inside of me to help me move on. I hope that makes sense.

It is cool here with a few light clouds. It is supposed to get up to the low 80s today and tomorrow then start down hill after that. I guess I am odd because I look forward to the cool days and even the rain.

I know you would like to have everything perfect before your husband gets home but I am guessing that he will be happy just to be with you. I learned almost too late that housework should never come first.

So now I am off to cook. I have a big meal planned and of coarse I am sharing it with Terry. I know that there is not much chance that we will ever see each other as more than friends but what we have makes me feel better. Isn't that what it is all about anyway?

Take care and don't work too hard. If it makes you feel any better I am having a hard time figuring out any of those games on Facebook.

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Well Happy Sautrday! I guess it will be a cool sunny day here in Washington. Well my son is busy today he has a two hour camping trip with his dad and boy scouts then he has a 5 hour birthday party. So I am going to be staying home and cleaning and maybe just take a nap if I feel the need. Dreading Monday now that my hubby is not working cause that means I have to work extra :cry: Guess I should just be thankful I have a job and the oppurtunity to work more.

Judy it is great to see you on facebook. I know I am on there alot more than here because I have my LCSC friends there as well as some family and some friends from high school and so on....... So it is just easier.

Well off to clean a bit more............ :lol: hahaha at least hubby gets to do it during the week!

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Good afternoon everybody! I have not been on the board much in the last few months - needed a mental health break - but I have been praying for you all - I am going to try harder to pop in a bit.

In CT today it is gray and very windy with the threat of rain any minute - the perfect day to cuddle up inside and crochet or read or nap!

So happy to have you as a facebook/farmville friend Judy! Watch out - that farmville can be addictive! - Aren't Tarpon huge? and you are tiny? and you swam with them?! Small but mighty!

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Just wanted to share a cute story here for all my non facebook friends:

My sweet baby girl had decided to get her kid scissors and cute all of her baby dolls hair. She wont do hers because she want hers to grow :D

I think it is very cute and funny but of course had to punish her in a time out without her knowing how dang cute I thought it was. :lol:

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It's a nice sunny day and I feel the need to get out of the house today. I have a Birthday gift certificate from a friend so I'm going to browse and see if I can find something to lift my spirits. Then I'm hoping that my son will join me for lunch. There's a nice place here that has patio dining. I think having the sun shine on my face would be nice.

I went out to water this morning and seems all my rose trees are beginning to bloom. Maybe that's a sign for me to "put on my big girl panties" and enjoy something today.

PS: No promises....but I'm working on it!

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I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. I did a 100 mile ride, posted a report and some photos from it, and never quite made it to LCSC. If you're truly bored, you can see the ride report here.

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