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Open letter to all who grieve


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One of the most common feelings when a loved one has died is that of

isolation. After the first flurry of activity and concern, our friends and

families must return to their own lives and families. Often we feel that

people avoid us because they fear how emotional we are and do not want to

hear of our despair. We feel alone even with those who would comfort us if

they could. Sometimes we even feel that the strange things we're doing since

the death mean that we're going crazy, and we're reluctant to discuss how

we're really feeling and doing.

And this is why I want to stress the importance to all of you to continue coming to this board. When you first visit and take the time to read others stories you will somehow realize that you aren't alone. When you're suffering you do feel that loneliness but the family we have here can help you far beyond anything you can imagine.

So, for all of those who are grieving please know from "me" that you will find comfort here.

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Looking back I wish I would have gone to counseling much sooner. I didn't go until after the first year. For some reason our family just fell apart as the anniversary got closer and both my middle daughter and I went. It really helps to talk and vent-- I did a lot of that here.

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