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My first good deed


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I don't think I've told many of you, but after my husband retired from NASA and we moved to the high desert he was a bit lost. I mean, if anyone needed a space craft built...no problem. I teased him and said he could stand on the corner with a sign that said "HELP...WIFE NEEDS MONEY"....he didn't like that idea so he joined as a volunteer for the California Highway Patrol. He just loved it :D

So, today instead of doing something selfish like shopping to lift my spirits I decided to take his uniforms over to the CHP and donate them for any other volunteers who might need them. They were having some kind of meeting at the time but when they heard I was there they stopped and all came out to greet me. NOW LADIES......how many times have you been hugged by about 25 handsome cops??????????????

Anyway, there were many tears and many laughs about what a nut my husband was....and still is. They said they can't walk past the donuts without thinking of him. (Isn't that true of ALL cops) But.....it was a good thing to do and I know that my husband is smiling down on me right now!

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