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Poems for My MOM


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Hi All,

Just wanted to share these poems with someone. I have never written a poem in my life and all of sudden these came out from nowhere well my heart they came from.

God Grant me this wish....By Marci Keon

God grant me this wish

to get a glimpse of her Lord

to check on her and tell her

that I love her-

To tell her that we all need her

And that we look up to the sky

And ask why?

To tell her how things are and how she is truly missed

To share a laugh and have some fun

To give hugs and share a kiss

And to thank her for all she had done

And let her know she is one of a kind like no other one

My wish is sent to you Lord directly from me to you above

Please let her know I miss her LORD and give her all my love.

Wishes to Heaven – By Marci Keon

Kisses to you dear loved one in heaven

How I kiss you in the air and reach for you

Hugging you and holding on tight

My embrace returns the air how it is so light

For if I could get a glimpse

I tell myself I’ll be alright

For when I see your face

My heart will mend

and my soul at peace with you in that place.

Until we see each other in the light

My wishes to heaven I’ll keep wishing till

I take that flight.


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