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Saturday's Air


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Since it looks like I am up and on the net early than everyone else, I'll start off the air this morning.

Got up to 43 degrees at about 8 am...but lots of beautiful sunshine. There is a light breeze that is making my wind chimes sound their melodious notes. I have neat wind chimes as I specifically look for those that are tuned and that you would usually pay a hefty price for, but I buy mine on sale (hint: prices for anything yard, garden and lawn related are on sale on line most of the time, but especially this time of year) I used to have some that were tuned like church bells in different ranges (such as alto, bass, etc.) but they finally broke just before I moved to my present location. I also have another set, like the ones I have out front, but have not been able to find them since we moved. Oh well, I think that is what I will request for Christmas, not that any one here can afford them...lol. But I like the music they make.

Speaking of music, since we no longer decorate for Halloween, (no storage space for all the decorations at this house) I miss not being able to do so. We used to do it up with a skeleton keyboard player, fog, tomb stones, green plasma-y looking lights in the front porch post lights and all manner of black lights. On All Hallows eve we would set up the key board player, buy the dry ice to help the fog "juice" hug the ground and flow around the tombstones, with green glow sticks on the ground behind them to add the un-earthly glow and then turn on the music (the key board had a demo mode that allowed the keys to light up in red as they played. We turned the demo musice down, and I had a "boom-box" hidden that play Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" very loudly. Over the head to the skeleton key-board, was a sign that read "Lost Souls Tavern. It was great!

Here's hoping that your Halloween Is full of only treats and that you all have a great day.

As for myself, I think I am gonna dig out my change jar and go buy some candy for the ghosties, ghoulies and goblins.


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Wow Dawn - it sounds like you really loved to decorate!

We don't do much here - most of our neighbors only live here in the summer - so we don't get any trick or treaters , which I find very sad :(

It is a perfect Halloween day here - the sky is gray and the wind is blowing but it is not cold out - so the kids won't have to bundle up over their costumes. I spent the day at the rescue farm I volunteer at - they had a Trick or Treat party in the horse stalls - each stall had a different activity to do and then a pony ride at the end - it was alot of fun.

Now I will go get the candy ready for tonight - but as I said, I get no kids at my door - so I will just have to eat it all myself!

Happy Halloween!

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