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I missed you All !!


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I went into chat Thursday morning, and totally missed all of you!

I was there at 11:34 (took my ISP about 10 minutes to connect, for which we have had a serious conversation about, lol) and stayed till about 12:45.

I'm thinking that the time is just not right. Do you guys want to move it back or make it later or what have you? I don't mind changing the time if needs be. Also maybe a different day? Also would you like me to put a reminder in the day before the chat every week, just to remind folks?

Whatever you guys think, I am open to. I think we can also use the chat anytime, so If you would like to chat in off times you can just send me a pm and it shows up in my e-mail as well and I check that several times a day. Just send me a time (make it a couple of hours if you can before you want to chat) and I will be glad to come in chat.

Whatever you guys want to do to make it easier.


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