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Video: Actress & LC Survivor Kathryn Joosten on The View


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Thanks so much for this opportunity to see Kathryn Joosten on "The View."

If it weren't for this clip, I would have missed this.

She is wonderful and so "out there" in her fight to advocate for ending the stigma that has so long plagued those struck with lung cancer.


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I saw this live and also recorded it and re-watched it later, just to be sure I was remembering it right. Those women on the View are so rude. This is one of the few times that Elizabeth Hasselback has not been combative about something as "nasty" as smoking, I actually liked her for a few minutes.

Kathryn Joosten seemed so frustrated that they weren't listening properly, why these people felt that they had to push the smoking angle so hard is beyond me. Maybe I picked up on it more because as an ex-smoker I too am frustrated when that question comes up yet again.

The interview was certainly good from an awareness point of view, a lot of people will remember what November represents but like me they also remember how ignorant of lung cancer the panel are.....their opinions were so biased because of the smoking issue and I am amazed that Barbara Walters, who said she'd lost two cousins to lc and is a reporter, was more interested (and better informed)about Patrick Swayze's widow

As annoying as I found the 'ladies' of the View - I always find them annoying anyway - it was still good from an 'advertising' point of view.

gotta run now, time to exercise so I can walk on Saturday......Yeah right; I will walking but I won't be ready for it :lol::lol:

Now I'll get off my saop box,


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I agree about the smoking issue. It irritated me as well, but as they say, "perception is reality", and unfortunately that is the reality of this disease. At least the segment raised awareness as the View has a large audience. Without watching it again, I believe it was Kathryn who mentioned that hormone replacement therapy was shown to cause LC. MAYBE that made the light bulb go off for some people. One can only hope.

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I thought Kathryn Joosten did a great job - she had points she wanted to make and she tried her best to speak over the "ladies"

Last time she was on the show she tried to talk about lung cancer and they totally changed the subject - so they are improving, but not much.

I wrote to "The View" about my disappointment that the "ladies" kept focusing on the smoking issue even as Kathryn Joosten was trying to explain the misconceptions and stigma problems. I suggested they get a Lung Cancer specialist on the show this month - but since I wrote to them last year and got no response - I don't expect one this year. :cry:

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