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I have been reading back over our member list. There are so many people who have helped all of us along the way. I said I want to honor a different one every day but how doI chose?

I remember Betty and her Happy Dance, she kept posting even after hospice had been called in. I have just read her post when she let us know that the end was near.

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Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 3:12 am Post subject: A Turn for The Worst


My friends, I want to thank you all for the many messages of support and hope I have received from all of you over the last few months. It has really meant a lot.

Now for the bad news, I am entering the final stages of my journey. I woke up tuesday and couldn't walk. the tumor on my spine from last summer has come back. It is wrapped around my spinal cord and all roads at this point lead to paralysis and death. It is just a matter of time. The consensus was that I could continue chemo, but it would just make my life miserable with out any return. Surgery to remove the tumor was out as well, for various reaasons and radation is not an option because the area has recieved the maximum dosage already.

I spent the last 4 days in the hospital and have now been discharged home into Hospice care. I will be checking in as long as I can, and have let my sister know to let you folks know when it is over as well.

I am scared and can barely walk from couch to puter, but my thoughts and prayers are all for those of you struggling against this beast along side me.

Blessings all


Then there was the two Daves always bickering in fun. Always too were the ones who were caregivers keeping us updated on their loved ones. Don and Ginny and Norme always telling the stories of her Buddy. I wonder where she is and how she is doing now.

I will keep searching the archives I know there are many who have slipped my mind for a while. I just pray every day that one day the list will stop growing and there will be no more need for this place.

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This is Jan 2006 to Jan 2007 Lily!! Now Yknow why its hard to chose.. Has not been updated to 2009 though! will be way too long of a list......

THE following is a list of all of us who are grieving in the 12 months since Deb passed. I know this is hard for all of us. This list is probably way too short. It is based on the obituary Forum. There are so many more in the grieving Forum, That I was made aware of. I apologize for mistakes and Omissions in advance. I can not apologize enough for omissions, and am so very sorry for mistakes.

Deborah H Wallin, Wife of RandyW

Father Of Gail P-M Apologies

Denise and Howie, Mother and Father of Erin (ErinC1973) Apologies

Martha02s, Mom

SuzyQs Father, James Hansknecht

Lizbeth Payne, Addie

Sharon, SharKats

william McQueen, father of BethLuvsWill

CindyRns, Father-in-Law

Joel Mittman, Pams Husband

Alyce, Larrys Wife

Robert Jake Peeler, Husband of LadyintheGlen

Ruby E Brannum, HeatherM Mom

Barbara, Navy Daves Mom

Father of Jessica7439

JCAwork, Jennifer, Sister of Debbie

Michael B Shine, Husband of Sue (ShineLadySue)

Bob fox, husband of Diane Fox

Pamela Fay Aguilar, FAYA, Wife of bob Aguilar

tarheeldad, Warren, husband to Donna

Curly, Audrenes Husband

Edd Greene, Husband to Adela

Keith,Dreamweaver, melanies, Love

Lee Acosta, Eppies Father

Cheryl Donahue, wife of denn1don, Dennis

Uncle Doug

Jenny, shanna1's Mother

Mike, KarenO's brother

Karen A. Davis, Mom of Trish

Charles Lewis Mynatt, Husband to Tina Mynatt TNMYNATT

James W Franklin & sister Marsha, Hubby & Sister of Inkerdoodle

Barabara Hensknecht, Mother of Suzy Q

Thomas M Goodwin Grandy, Husband to Lindy

Schmaydee, Steve Niehoff

Hazel, Mother In Law to Hennesy

Richard Joseph Reitano, father of NancyT

Thomas Parkinson Husband of MalouDP

Mother of Connie22

TAnn, Teri Ann, Wife of Al Diaz

Nancy Michenner, LaureAnnessister

Darwin Morris, Skye's Uncle


Jessie Norman Bentley, Father of Cindy0519

Keith Kubesch, Husband to Carleen Kubesch

Ron Gawne father of Shaw324

Annie Helen Sadlaw, Mother of Linda661

Bernadette J fleury, Aunt to Carleen Kubesch

Etsuko Culkin, Wife to Bill


Kay Bowen, Mother of TinaB

kelli's Mother

Donna Lou Warden, Mom of MelindaSue37

Roy Robert Fell, Father Of LauraG?

Amy Holler

RandyDale Cappiello NickC's Mother

jmd12345 John Duff's mother

Sandra G Benton, Mother of MamasBabygirl

James bennett Jr, JimBen

Nancy Browning, mama4zach

Lisa G's Father

Lucie Wood, Beloved Wife of Don Wood

dianne Minter Young, Neighbor Of Yellowbow

Darrell F Barnes

Pat Hinckley, JanMarie's Mother

jsalberto's Father

Paula Virlee, Mother of justme2007

Crystleshoes Mother

Lennonsgirl's Mother

Mother of Rochelle, Rmm17

Sister of Ellie (Sis)

John Husband of MoonStar (YellowBow)

The Following Names were From The grieving Forum. This list was composed on 1/22/2007

Father Of Theresa 567

Mother Of Sarah

Arnold Husband of Applewe

Father oF Gwen, GwenDaddys Girl

Brian, Husband of Patkid

Father OF WyoGirl

Mother of Kimberly Bishop

Dee's Friend, Claire

Mother Of Shauna

Chris, Husband of Laury, Goldy 31

Mother of SC7454

Dihen's, Uncle Joe

Tami's, Aunt

Parents, Both Mother and Father, To Kat

Dawn's Mother

Mother of NutBar

KittyKat of dhurchi, Debbie and Alan

Father of Migizicny

Guy Kenneth Norfolk, Father of Chris Norfolk

Father of Linda, (Tatlyn)

Mother of (Sakell76) Sarah

Mother of Kathleen1

Shirley's Father Posted By Chris (Cynical Angel)

Father of Jodi1715

Mother of J's Girl

Father of JenDew

FAther Of Robyn Markelz

Karen, Friend Of Welthy and Tony

Mother of Eni123

Father of Char

Husband of TKS776 Tami

Mother of Meg06

sister of Jenn3

Siobhan's Partner, Guy

Ray Nicholas, Husband to HeyJudeFl1

Father of Jorja

Remembering Dave, Husband of Karen

Fastehr of PaulyGirl

Father Of Degten

Fatehr Of Cathy( Hopeand Strength)

Fatehr of SLT

FAther of IrishEyes

Jana W's Mother

Wife of Mark G

Rosie, Mother to Jodie

Mother Of Shanna1

Tina, sister of LesleyAlabama

Father In Law of KarenLa

Rick, Best friend Of SherA

Mark, brother To Donna

Husband Of karen44

Father of kathy, (HopeandStrength)

HollyAnne's Aunt

father Of Casey2693

Claire, Mother Of Jen (GerbilRunner)

Father In Law of Nina (Nushka)

Father Of Beanie

Mother of Karen, (remebering Dave)

Leslie Posted By Karen335

Randy And Steve, ShirleyB

Mother Of Heather (LionKing)

In the weeks Prior to Debs Death we also lost these members,

Mother Of HollyAnne

Father In LAw Of Jane(Fall54)

Ron Husband to JanetG

This is a list of members who have lost their battle since this time last year. Some have remained here, others have moved on with their lives

These 2 members I have not heard from in some time. Say a prayer any how for them and Families



My heart goes out to every name on this list and those that we may never hear from again as a result of their battles. i worry daily about all the new members,and remember the new ones in my prayers nitely.


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Oh yes it is so sad. We remember them as people, we know many of their stories but the world never sees that. They never see the fear and hope and love and laughter. They hear of a disease and unless it is a celebrity they have no idea the toll the monster is taking.

I think our biggest goal to get the help that is really needed is to make everyone see that lung cancer isn't just a disease but a destroyer of lives, a monster who takes away loved ones. I thief who robs us of happiness and dares us to do anything about it.

It is because of this that I wanted to run the in memory of with my status everyday on facebook. I want to remind everyone that we are talking about people, not smokers or non smokers but people. People who are husbands and lovers or wives. People who are mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters or even best friends.

Lung cancer does not discriminate between the poor and the wealthy or the young and the old. It doesn't care if a person is a truck driver or teacher or rocket scientist. It destroys dreams and leaves this world a lesser place because of all the wonderful people that are no longer with us.

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