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Thanks for the welcome


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Thank you One-and -All. I do feel well and truly welcomed and not quite as terrified about "walking the walk" as I felt before I joined.

I can tell you are a terrific bunch of people.

I do hope your Holidays were as Happy and as Peaceful as could be.

Oh!, by-the-way, I was born in the UK and then lived in Africa until we moved to the United States,( some years ago, ) so if I "talk" or spell "funny" in any of my posts, please excuse me.

Love and Prayers,


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Welcome... I have a friend who is from UK, lived in Africa and then moved to the United States. She has been here in California for 20 years now. What a small world.

Please stay in touch with us here. You will find knowledgable, caring and supportive people here on this board. Take care...

Peace and God Bless


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Welcome Paddy,

So sorry your husband now has lc but be sure this is a great place for friends and knowledge.

What a birthday present for him. He should have forgotten that birthday party.

YOu might have an excuse for spelling, I don't........spelling is not one of my blessings......we all have to have a dark side.....and that is mine,but I keep typing along hoping no one notices......

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