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tonight I want to mention survivers


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Sense the first of this Lung Cancer Awareness month I have been posting in memory of those we have lost. Last night I thought to honor the caregivers.

Tonight I have decided that it is time to make people see that there are survivers, even long term survivers. I think that if the public would understand that people do survive and many lead fairly heathy lives after their initial diagnosis and treatments. I know there are many strugles and many of you survivers have had to endure much. It can't have been easy but you faught and you have won. Maybe for 2 years or in some cases 10 or more. You are Survivers and it is time for the world to know. So I am going back to the Survirers forum and repeat Connies Roll call of a few years ago.

I have found some names that I want to mention both here and tomorrow on face book. I hope you survivers don't mind. Maybe when people see there is hope all is not doom and gloom then they will be more willing to fight to have the funding for research. So now I say congradulations to these people and hope that we can add many years to these times.

Connie 14 years

Donna G. 11 years

Diane 11 years

Dadstimeon 8 years

Geri 8 years

Barb 9 years

Becky approaching 7 years

Kasey 5 years

Carol approaching 5 years

Maryanne's Joel 5 years

Patti B 3 years

Ned 3 years

Bruce U 2 years

I hope that I have made no errors if so please correct me. I salute you all for your determination and desire to fight the monster. You are all winners as far as I am concerned. I am hoping to get many many more names.

This may ordinarily be the wrong forum but I think at this time these people do belong in the Good News Forum :!:

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I'm going to celebrate my 8 years survival by talking about it from the podium at the Boston Walk on November 7.

Last year I spoke with a family who were, I believe heartened by the fact that I survived.

Anyway this family has been on my mind all this time - I don't think I could recognize any one of them now - so I'm telling my story in the hope that survivors who come to the walk will know that it's possible to have long term survival.

There may well be more survivors out there than we think, for the most part we're just out there living life as usual. I know lung cancer is not foremost in my thoughts any more. Which is something I very thankful for.

I knew that lung cancer was behind me and I was really getting better when I was upset about my nails not growng properly anymore - it's so nice to be shallow and make my broken fingernail the focus.

So survivors take heart, the day will come again when you WILL sweat the small stuff.............and it feels great!

Take care and join me on the journey to recovery.


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Guess what! In one month I will be a 12 year survivor!

Last month at Curves the place was covered with messages about Breast Cancer month. No mention this month that more women die of Lung cancer except for me.

I have lots of tee shirts I have collected from Lung Cancer events over the past years so every day I go to Curves I have one on!

I want lots and lots of survivors for the future!

Donna G

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Thanks Lilly

Joel will be speaking tomorrow at our walk on how important it is to get the awareness out there and the funding that is needed. Not just for the walk but to continue to support our cause all year.


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