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Keeping busy isn't working today


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Keeping busy isn't working for me today. I know people tell me to keep myself going with different things, but today it didn't work too well. Perhaps I choose the wrong activities. I started by cleaning out the pantry at 4am this morning. During the last couple of months my husband only wanted to eat scrambled eggs, oatmeal, canned peaches and ensure. My pantry was full of those things and the tears started to flow and I stopped. Then I looked in the backyard and noticed my rose bushes need trimming. So, off I went to do that...again the memories came. My husband hated it when the rose petals would blow into the swimming pool. It's been windy here and they were all over the backyard and also in the pool....here come the tears again. Everywhere I go and everything I do is reminding me of him and I'm falling back into that dark place again. :cry:

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