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As a General Rule ER visits stink


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I spent most of the evening on Thursday in the ER with a severe migraine feeling like I was having a stroke. Most of the ER docs at the VA are, to put it plainly, awful. However, this visit I was blessed with one of the best Dr.s I have ever had while in the Dallas VA's ER.

She was without a doubt, the most comprehensive person I have dealt with. She asked me for "All of my symptoms even the ones not related to my head and any that were related to my cancer. She made sure to do all the tests that she felt were needed with out over ordering. II had a CT of my head, a chest X-ray (checking my chest to make sure I wasn't having a case of VCS) and x-ray of my right hip and femur ( I was supposed to get one in Aug, but couldn't get up to the VA within 30 days to get it done). She took the normal blood tests (CBC, WBC, etc) and also an arterial draw(which hurts like breaking bones) to check blood gasses

The upshot. She thinks the headaches are from MS. All of the symptoms that I had were also symptoms of not just migraines but MS as well as stroke, so she said it was a good thing that I came in, just to rule having a stroke. She said she saw nothing in my right hip and femur and told me "for having ext-sclc your lungs are pristine and I see nothing in your chest that would indicate a cause for or a tumor that would cause VCS" I almost fell off of the bed when she said that. She said that since there is still a mystery about is it/is it not MS or cancer, she put in the record a suggestion of another MRI to compare to the one in June to see if there are any changes. Since I have a Pet Scan scheduled for Monday and a consult on Fri, she strongly worded the suggestion to do the MRI before the Fri consult so that the ONC.s and I could talk about it for possible follow up with Neuro.

The only thing I didn't like was that she put me back on steroids, which is why I did not go to bed until about 5 this morning and got up at noon.

All in all one of the better visits I have had to make to the ER. Got me in and out to. Was only there about 4 hours. I feel better about my up-coming scan as well.


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