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A Greatgranddaughter's Grandmother: Story of a Non-smoker


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Having posted in another forum about how we are now greatgrandparents, the upshot is that the paternal grandmother of our greatgranddaughter is dying of lung cancer.

Our daughter-in-law (maternal grandmother), Karen, called me today to talk. She said that the grandmother (the father's mother) is now dying of lung cancer. We have known that she has had Stage IV for some time.

The thing we didn't know was that she (her name is Mary) never smoked. Her Mom and Dad owned a dry cleaning store, and she worked there, alongside them.

Just thought it might be helpful "in all the blame/cause issue" to reiterate that smoking is not the only initiator of lung cancer.

We certainly cannot blame Mary for helping her parents in their store. Can we?

There sits another reason to forego blame and get down to better funding. Let's get rid of the convenient bias (being able to kick someone when they are down).

What we need in this fight is an army of very celebrated people who want to put lung cancer in the realm of a disease that needs to be addressed fairly with adequate, if not equal funding.


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Congratualtions on the greatgrandbaby Barb!!

And YES, we need more funding and need to get the message out that it is NOT all about smoking. My mom didn't smoke either.

Did you see Kathryn Joosten on The View a week or so ago? Sherri introduced her"so you smoked and now you have lung cancer." Joosten corrected her and made the point that LC is NOT all about smoking.


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