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Calling All Fat Cancer Survivors and Caregivers


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After a bizarre evening in the chat room 2 weeks ago, the Fat Cancer Survivors (& Caregivers) Diet Club was formed. Charter members include okdebi Karen Nancy, Carleen, and myself. We are now opening up membership to others that may want to lose weight with us. We begin January 1st. Set your goal of what you want to lose and then we will have periodic “meetings” in the Wed. chat to see how everyone is doing.

We will have to trust that everyone is reporting truthfully. No fair dropping body parts. :wink: I believe okdebi is not above flying somewhere to check on any outrageous claims either….

I’m setting my goal at 13 lbs.

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Add me and my Karen to the list. We are going to Glacier Nat. Park in Montana the first week of August for a family reunion and my Mother has all kinds of hikes planned. My sister used to work there so we have all been just not in years and years. So, Karen and I need to drop a few (to say the least) lb.'s and get into shape. Karen is the cook so she will be in charge of our diet but we will need all the help and suport we can get and will be willing to do the same for others.

David C

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Since my treatment ended, and once I COULD eat - I haven't stopped! And unfortunately I stacked on a good 30 pounds! I'm tall enough that I can hide some of it well, but when it started showing in my face and neck I knew I was in trouble!

I joined Weight Watchers the week before Christmas, and LOST 4.5 lbs over Christmas! And I even had a couple Christmas cookies! (A COUPLE, not a truckload!)

So I would recommend it to anyone. Go to http://www.weightwatchers.com to find a meeting near you.....

A few good starting tips:

1 - They don't have you start exercising until the 3rd week. The first two weeks are to be spent focusing on your food. How to know proper portions; which are your best choices; etc. (Which I thought was pretty smart, because plenty of times I've started a diet/exercise program with gusto - and then about the 4th day, you don't work out......so you figure you may as well blow the diet too! Where this way you're more commited to the diet before you start exercising.)

2 - Very few foods are off limits - you just need to allow room for your favorites, and only eat them in small portions. 'Cuz we all know that the minute you say "I can't have another __________ until I loose this weight, you'll fail".

3 - Water, water, water - and more water (think of it as washing away all the fat you're burning off)

(Ry - you know that the closer you are to your ideal weight (which 13 pounds isn't really that much), the slower you loose it, right? So don't get discouraged!)

And I'll be checking in on you guys.....

Hugs and prayers,


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For those of us who are PLCs (People Living with Cancer) we need to make sure we check with our docs before going on diets...need to make sure they understand that the weight loss is deliberate on our parts and not the Beast sneaking up on us.

Having said that, I'm in, or at least I will be when I get the go ahead from my physician...my goal is 20 lbs. Losing the weight will help with the arthritis pain.

Can't join the chats, though....For whatever reason I just can't get signed in. :?

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I certainly would "fit" in with the fat cancer survivors. Unlike many, I went through chemo, radiation and more chemo eating like a horse and lying around because I was tired. Over that 6 month period I gained 60 pounds, some of which I needed but most of which was toooooooo much. I wish it was other than Wed for most of the time I work 3-11:30 on Wed. I'll be thinking of you. Donna G

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RY! As if "Debbie Does Dallas" isn't bad enough, you want to rename her BAMBI??

Okay, TOP goal for me is 30 pounds, but I'd be happy (and a "10") if I lose 20...

My oncologist prefers his patients to have extra weight on them - my GP says that it's healthier to have a lower BMI for OTHER organs of the body...like the heart! SOOOOOoooo, since I trust my GP with my life (I owe her), I'll go with her. No anorexia or Greek-style gorge-&-purge, just eating good and exercising - when I'm allowed to "strain" again. (Diet is good for now, should be about the 2 weeks Sandy suggested...

Now, KatieB donated hair when SHE last "lost weight" - is there any place we can all donate this fat we want to lose??? :wink: Hate to think of all those happy little fat cells puddling on the floor for some unsuspecting schmuck to step in....yeah, right! :lol:

So, that's it....20 pounds. I'll talk hubby into a new wardrobe if I make the 30 pound mark - how's THAT for incentive??

Take care, eat light!

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Me, too, please. I'm not one for chat, but I'll check in on a weight-loss thread. Lost 25 lbs. in the past 6 months and have 20-25 more to go. I started running in June, and love it! Mom's diagnosis kinda blew up the running habit, so I have to re-dedicate.

There's a terrific site, www.fitday.com which is FREE and will teach you a lot about what you are actually eating. It tracks a wide variety of nutritional info as well as calories burned through exercise. Check it out!

And for those interested in physical exercise, there are many programs which will take you from running 60 seconds at a time to running for 30 minutes at a time. It really works! www.coolrunning.com has the "Couch to 5k" program which is great for sedentary beginners. It worked great for me.

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Ok, count me in.

I was trying to lose weight and then said Oh Hell, I have the perfect excuse for eating myself into oblivion.

THIRTY horrible, disgusting pounds is my goal. I'm not in the chat because I can't stay awake that long.

Funny this happened, because I just told the Duke that our New Year's resolution was to eat healthier. I am looking for energy foods for him. Any ideas?

Thanks Ry, I needed this push.


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Quick tip for "energy foods":

Have Earl eat WHOLE GRAINS -- brown rice, whole wheat bread, old fashioned oatmeal.......(my favorite breakfast is old fashioned oats, with some cinnamon and almond slivers mixed in -- gives me energy all morning!)

WHITE Breads, WHITE rice and all those other "refined" foods turn right into sugar and cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then crash pretty quickly. The whole grains raise the blood sugar level more slowly and evenly and don't give you that big "crash" an hour or two later.....which gives you more energy for a longer period of time!

I've got a few other "tips" if you would like them -- just PM me!


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Guest Karen C

I'm with Sandy on Weight Watchers. I joined almost two years ago when we started a lunch meeting with them here at work and I lost 60 pounds. So did Dave. Just in time to fit more comfortably into the coach class seats for the 24 hour marathon to China and 24 hour marathon back (with an 18 pound baby wedged in with us!). Unfortunately, we've stacked the lbs. on since Dave was diagnosed. I wish I'd re-joined and started back in the program after his diagnoses . . . but hindsight is priceless, right?

I definitely want to keep up with his family as they go running all over Glacier!

Despite the extra weight, I did hike Crabtree Falls in Virginia with that bunch last summer, and that was carrying Faith all the way down, too! It was about a mile hike, literally straight up a mountain alongside the most beautiful waterfall. So I'm anxious to see how well I do in Glacier with many less pounds.

We probably won't do the chat but will gladly add our support to the group!

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I was 10 pounds more than I wanted to weigh when I had to abruptly quit smoking because of my diagnosis.

Since then, inactivity after surgery and during chemo, plus the replacement behavior of eating instead of smoking has given me another 10 pounds I don't want.

I am also a WeightWatcher--a lifetime member as of 2 years ago, but a lapsed lifetimer. I am going back on program January 1.

I also am not a participant in the chat, but I would love to join your group and add some support as well as get some!

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Add me in. I lost so much weight when Dennis was sick (31 lbs) but have now gained almost all of it back. I have decided to start this on January 2nd and make it work!!! It just so calms my nerves to stick junk food in my mouth and my job is not labor intensive....lust mind boggling!!! Thanks for the offer to loin the gang!!!!

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Ok, What I really want to say is I'll lose 40 lbs, but instead I'll chose to be realistic and shoot for 30 lbs.

I really need help because I've used the excuse that this is my last week to eat as a free for all to pig out on pounds of chocolate :(

So, I think I've gain 10 lbs this week alone.

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