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Calling All Fat Cancer Survivors and Caregivers


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I want to join :) I desperately need to lose weight. Had JUST started a diet upon my mom's diagnosis, and you know, I don't have to tell the story. My goal is 60-80 lbs overall.

I need to depuff a bit quickly though for my wedding dress for Feb. It is funny how lung cancer can make you forget about something as silly as a long white dress!

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OK Madam Presidend of the Fat Wives Club,

I weighed myself this am - not a happy camper. I couldn't start 1/1, too many company dinners etc.

I have changed my goal to 15 lbs. - can't afford new clothes if I drop a size.

Going to try to eliminate junk and stick to meat and salads for dinner.

I DO NOT want Earl to loose weight. He is holding his own or gaining a little and that is just fine with me.

When do we check in? Do we tell how much weight? Can you become a lifetime member? Can we lie?


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We report the first of the month, or anytime sooner you want to rub it on. :P Nope, no lying, Debi will hunt you down and gut you like a fish if there are any suspious claims

Yes, lifetime memberships are available (there's a fundraiser). :P

This is fun :P

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okay Ry... I think the Davids need to branch off and start their own diet club...just for being wise guys...The Fat Cancer Survivors Named David Club might work for starters.

As far as lying..of course we can't lie. (psst Ginny..I can be bought)! This is, after all, the internet and NO ONE lies on the internet. Of course, I hope no eyebrows will be raised when I put up a new pic and not only lose 30 pounds but end up 20 years younger and looking like a totally different person. It has been known to happen with certain diets I have heard. 8)

By the way, my face is missing but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the airing of America's Most Wanted this evening... nothing at ALL!! I actually was trying to post another pic and screwed both of them up! So, I shall remain for a time, faceless! :shock:

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I don't know Debi, knowing the Davids they'll hire Jeffrey Fieger and sue us for discrimination against big men named David. I say we just let them in so we don't have to hear them whine.

Oh and hear's a hint, if you're coming back younger take your age off your signature. :roll:

I can't wait for your new picture. :P


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I am still deciding what to do. Go on a diet or stay fat. What a decision.

Should I choose to come into this plan, can I figure my monthly weight loss by how my clothes feel on me for I sure would hate to buy a scale and not loose weight and have to look at that scale and be reminded day after day of the waste of money that I could have purchased icecream or candy with.

Also as I have said earlier. I sure don't like the thought of being the last one online because of the most weight that needs to come off.

I WAS THE LAST ONE ON CHAT NEW YEARS EVE AND IT SURE WAS LONELY TALKING TO MYSELF. Thank goodness both David's were there for me earlier though. Maybe I should join their club, hum.

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Green light for "sensible" weight loss from the oncologist! Unfortunately, I will be fighting nature - my nature is to over indulge in chocolate....Snickers, Oreos, etc....

Would LOVE to lose all the spare baggage I'm hauling around, but allowing for the fact that I'm no longer in my 20s, I'll settle for some cushion. Thirty pounds is the ultimate goal, 20 is live-able.

Norme, I would think that "size" is more important than the numbers...if your clothes are fitting looser, you're toning, which is ultimately what we are all aiming for, right? After all, I wouldn't care if the scale screamed 300 pounds at me if I could get it all in a size 2! :wink:

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Snowflake -

I'm a sweet-aholic too. I can live without cheeseburgers and french fries, but I gotta have my sweets!

And if you say you can NEVER have 'em you'll be lucky to last a few days.

I allow myself FOUR Hersey's Kisses at the end of the day if I've been good with my food in all other ways. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's just enough to take the edge off and curb the "sweet tooth".

And I also just discovered "meringue" cookies. They're about twice as big as a Kiss, and you can have 11 of them for just like 50 calories (vanilla - there's a chocolate one that's only a few more)! Here in Chicago, they are in the store's "bakery" section, rather than the cookie aisle.

Good luck!


(Down 6 lbs in the last two weeks - whooo-hooooooo!)

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Thanks for the heads up Ry on the age in my signature!!

And Norme..

I sure would hate to buy a scale and not loose weight and have to look at that scale and be reminded day after day of the waste of money that I could have purchased icecream or candy with.
:lol::lol::lol::lol: Talk about comedians....you're killing me over here!!!
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AARRGGGHHH!!!! I can't believe it!!! Six days into the new diet plan and I've GAINED WEIGHT!!!

I honestly thought the chocolate diet was a legitimate diet. At least it was one I didn't think I'd have trouble sticking with :)

Seriously, I've tried to eat healthy this past week, I cut out soda and all snacks and I still gained 3 pounds :?

Are you sure amputation does does not count for weight loss?

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Ok, let's review shall we:

~Norme, we'll trust you to weigh yourself when you take Buddy on his appintments, wouldn't want you short of cash or anything :roll:

~Ginny, going down a size and needing new clothes is A GOOD THING.

~No Carleen, no dropping body parts, limbs, lungs, or gall bladders. :wink:

~David C you better get your toys and get back in the club, especially since I risked the wrath of okdebi to go to bat for you and David A. The woman has my address for crying out loud. I think you are just a big baby head, afraid of losing to the WOMEN.

And if I might add I am down 3lbs already, all right!

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Ry, okdebi, becky, norme, and everyone

As I sit here at my computer eating Milky Way Carmels and exercising my fat fingers. I was just wondering, do I take my clothes off to weigh each time. If I did that I wouldn't be lying saying I lost weight. One week weigh with clothes on and the next week without clothes. Only problem is, it doesn't get very cold here in California. Oh my decisions on how to loose weight. It's so hard when you have all this leftover See's candy and all the cookies and etc... Do I throw all this FOOD away. lol Heaven's NO!!! Donate it to ??? A neighbor (who's trying to loose weight.) What a supporter I am, maybe I'll need a tummy supporter (girdle) lol.... Oh well back to the drawing board.

Please help!!!

Warm and gentle "FAT" Hugs... lol :lol::lol::lol:


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My Gosh...only 5 days on this diet and I feel like a new person already!!! Check out the new pic!!! :shock:

Not only do I FEEL 30 pounds lighter, I feel years younger!!! :lol::lol:8)

In all seriousness, I am home sick from work so I am basically eating everything in the house. Am about to start going out of the house and eating the grass.

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Couldn't help but laugh at the new pic. Santa brought you lipo and a bottle of hair coloring for Christmas I see. You have really been working on the diet I see. Getting ready for Dallas??? You are too funny. Bob will break his neck getting to Dallas now... Lol Lol Lol... This is what I love about this site, so many friends and so much to offer and enlighten our day... See you on chat! Thank you!

Hugs and God Bless


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Good!!! That's what its there for! :lol::lol:

Just a hint...Don't ever put "pretty blonde pictures" in the search field of your web browser. I have been to sites no woman has ever gone before! :shock:

The things I go through..... :roll::wink:

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