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Sunday's air


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Cool and clear here but now I am worried. I hadn't watched the weather for a few days and Ida kind of snuck up. So everyone please say a prayer that my family and eveyone is the southeast stay safe from that late season huricane.

In the mean time all of my family are at my son't house for bbq and snacks while watching the Saints game. I never thought I would be cheering for them but so far they have been unbelievable. So I sure hope they keep it up and don't disappoint.

As for me it is just another long day. I haven't been on here much because my chair falls just in the right spot on my leg to make my leg foot and ankle swell really bad. Don't know what but when I stay off of here it doesn't swell hardly at all.

As for my personal life, what personal life? :( I sure do get lonely at times and wish I had someone to go places with or do things with. It took me so long to realize how much I miss having someone to share with but most of all just someone to hold me and care. I think I was better off when I didn't realize that I could still feel those things.

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Lily, you never said what happened to your ankle...or did I miss it? Maybe you need to call the doc tomorrow and see if you can visit him?

I don't know about the weather here today cuz I haven't been outside at all. I did peek out the window and it looked okay. I've just been poking around FB learning my way around and trying to clean a bit. It's been so long since I cleaned all the dust bunnies are growing big time.

Otherwise all is okay since I had one of my "signs" today from my dear husband whom I miss terribly.

Tomorrow....don't know what I'll be doing. I guess I'll decide that when I get my rear out of bed.


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Evening everyone who is still up! My grandson decided to go home tonight. He said that if we drop him off at school on our way out of town tomorrow, he'll cry and everyone will be asking him why he's crying. He is such a love.

I went to bed at nine but couldn't sleep so thought I'd get up and get caught up on the site. It's ten thirty now and I need to get to sleep because it's an early roll out in the am.

That pesky hurricane is not supposed to hit the Keys. But they are already having some winds and I HATE going over some of the bridges in high winds.

Judy in Key West

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