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My Dad's Birthday today


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As I go through this year of "firsts" without my dad, I am finding today one of the harder things I've gone through so far.

I just wanted to say (or write, I guess) this:

Dad, you mattered. You made a difference. Because of you, the world is a better place, STILL, even with you gone. You mattered! Your laughter and your sense of humor mattered. Your intellect and your kindness mattered. Your parenting mattered. You mattered! You still do! You raised me to be a good, kind, loving person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I won't let you down, I won't ever forget, and I'll always be thankful for the gifts you've given me. Most of all, to ME, you mattered, and you always will, no matter where you may, or may not, be. I love you, I loved you, and you made a difference. You mattered, just as the beating of a butterfly's wings can make a difference across the world, the things you did made differences too. You and I both know the kinds of things you made a difference in, and the hundreds of lives you touched as a professor and a business man. You mattered then, and you still do. I wish you were here for me to say Happy Birthday to, for me to give a hug to, and to get one in return. Instead I am wrapping myself in my memories of you, and that is my hug. Thanks for mattering, Daddy.

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