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Round Two!


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Some of you already know that my adenocarcinoma returned. It did so in the left (opposite) lung from the original primary and since it was the same thing, we weren't able to determine if it was a new primary or a late secondary. A roll of the dice and we're treating it as a late metastic tumor which gives rise to the tentative assumption that "seed cells" survived the previous bombardment of therapies and we are trying some different stuff instead of just repeating the previous treatments.

So, within a week or so of diagnosis of this latest tumor I was able to get it cut out via thoracoscopy wedge resection from the posterior peripheral aspect of the left upper lobe. Surgery on Tuesday morning and home on Thursday, (WOW). Today it is 24 days post surgery and I started therapy with Alimta and Carboplatin. Provided blood counts are manageable we'll do this every three weeks for four rounds. In the meantime, they're supposed to run a test on the tumor tissue for effectiveness to treat with Tarceva, since they now have that ability. If it is good for it, I reckon I'll do Tarceva again. If not, I won't. Either way, I figure we'll get back to quarterly PETs as a monitor.

One note of interest is that my CEA did not spike as this new tumor developed. We knew that it might not but having had an elevated CEA with the original Disease, we had been watching it. We assume that it was the mets tumor in my adrenal gland that lead to the elevated CEA to start with, but that also is just a guess.

Otherwise, today, I feel as good as I did yesterday and yesterday I felt very good. I know that a lot of people have good results with Alimta and Carboplatin as far as side effects. I expect to have those good results too. We'll see. It'll have to drag me down 'cause I ain't gonna lay down.

Well, that's it for now. Peace and Love my Friends! :D

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It's good to hear from you. We were worrying. Your experience is much like mine - except I had squamous cell tumors, 18 mo. apart, and one in each upper lung. For a long time, the doctors couldn't decide if the second one was mets or a new primary. Now they're calling it a new primary. I did chemo both times, different poisons (carbo and taxol; and then cisplatin and gemzar). It's been five years since the second surgery and six since the first. Hoping you have the same luck!


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It's good to hear from you, Will. Sounds like you're doing fine.

I've been on Alimta/Carboplatin as a third line treatment since April, and low blood counts (red, white, and platelets) are my main problem. Very little endurance, can't walk far without getting short of breath. Other than that, it's been relatively easy, and I'm especially glad that my taste and appetite are intact. The best to you!


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Just wanted to add in here that Bill (who is in his late seventies) had Alimta and did relatively well on it. He took it for the better part of a year, and it "worked" for him. His only side effect was a fatigue 2-3 days following, and lasting 4-5 days, or so. Then, he would return to "old self." He found it to be one of the easier regimens.

Wishing you much good luck.


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Will, I CANNOT believe I missed your post since I've been thinking about you and even asked about you awhile ago. I hadn't heard how you were doing since just after the surgery.

It'll have to drag me down 'cause I ain't gonna lay down.

Glad to hear your attitude is still positive and you're feeling well. These seed cells, cells in the blood stream and microscopic metasticisms are things I'm hearing a lot more about lately. They testify to how crafty this disease can be. But you like many others of us, together with amazing oncologists, are attacking this disease with all the resolve we can muster. Hang in there guy. I'm on Alimta and hope to stay on it for a very long time. Hope you do well in it too.

Judy in Key West

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