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a New Chapter in My Story

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As of my last scans and consult, I am considered (almost completely)NED. For ext-sclc, that is almost unheard of as there is always activity in the cancer cells and if not the masses (My Dr.s don't call them tumors cause they are so irregular in shape and sometimes spread like tentacles instead of being encapsulated ( that's what they tell me)) are still there just with not cellular activity showing growth.

AS of Friday, all of the masses in my chest, and the areas of mets (with the exception of my left hip and femur) are no longer there. When I said "you mean they are not longer showing any signs of activity?" ; she said "No, I mean they are gone. no signs on any scans showing those masses. The left hip and femur, show some activity and something there, but it could be just inflammation from the cells having died and possible healing. We are very surprised and pleased with how well you have done" (7 November was 14 months out from last chemo and 21 months since dx)

So now we are going to concentrate on what is going on in my head and try to nail down if it is MS or not. (which is my contention as well as the Rad.Onc and the Rad. as well.)

I still count all my blessings daily as I know this could turn around tomorrow and turn to you-know-what, but right now I am concentrating on remaining as close to NED as is possible for ext-sclc.


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