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Monday's Air


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Well, since I'm the first one up today (since 2am) I thought I would start Monday's Air. I don't know about the weather because it's still dark outside but I do know it's cold!

I had plans today to venture out but I know I'll be dragging my behind due to lack of sleep. Maybe a nice cold shower? naaaaaaaa

I hope everyone had a nice week end. Mine was quiet. Just played on FB Cafe. I'm so addicted to that game and it's all Ann's fault! LOL But it keeps my mind on other things, so that's good right?

I know Randy has a job interview today. So let's all cheer him on ok?

Judy, I'm hoping your daughter is doing well and I look forward to hearing some good news soon.

Lily, I know you're having a hard time right now, but your in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I'll be calling you soon.

Well, back to my cafe now to cook some more. No cooking at home tonight....maybe I'll order a pizza :)

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I am here Michelle. I too have things to do butt my but is dragging. It is 34 degrees right now so that is good for me. After I took Misty out I went back out and walked up the hill. I wasn't sure if I could do it because it has been a few weeks but I made it.

There is a lot going on with me right now emotions wise. This time of year is always hard and still I am not settled in my mind yet about being alone for the rest of my life. Funny because just a few months ago I never thought about that. I was thanking Terry for helping me to at least dream again but our relationship hasn't worked out. There is something between us but it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere and probably never will. Still I wonder if I wasn't better off in ignorant bliss not realizing that I am lonely.

Then there is my trip coming up in just about 3 weeks. I can't make my reservations until I get my check on the 3rd and it will be very tight money wise. Usually I am packed by now and excited. This year I don't even have an idea what to pack. My mind just goes in 50 different directions.

As some of you saw last night I had a glass of wine. It tasted so good I took another. I was tempted to drink the whole damn bottle but because of my blood pressure and the medication I am on I was afraid to. Still the mood I was in it wouldn't have taken much to make me drink it.

After catching up my game requests on facebook I sat for awhile with my sewing then got up to go back to the games. Having so many is starting to really mess with my computer so I will have to start decling any other game invitations. Anyway I got frustrated and ended up going back to read more of my story looking for those good memories and I guess just to feel loved again. That could have been a mistake but I guess it turned out alright.

It just happened that the part I read last night was about the last day of Johnny's life and his death. Still after all of these years I can see every detail in my mind. As you know Michelle and anyone who talks to me on the phone or in person. I cry everytime I talk about Johnny. Even the funny things make me cry. The tears are always near the surface. Last night was different. Instead of the silent tears and catch in my throat i cried. I sobbed and shook and somehow I guess I needed that because today though drained I think I am a little better emotionally.

So enough about me. I am hoping and praying that Randy gets that job he wants and that Judy' s daughter will have a benigh cyst removed and be home safe and happy soon. As for you Michelle you know my heart is with you.

We can't forget Marisa either. She is always in my thoughts and prayers. Despite all of my emotional mess I know that I am so blessed to have found so many wonderful friends. There are so many of you and I am not slighting you by not mentioning your names, just not enough room here. I just wish we would have found one another somewhere else.

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Good morning, everyone! Good luck with the job, Randy!

It's cool here, today. It was 48 degrees with a howling north wind as I rode to work. Between the wind and tired legs from Saturday's 126 mile ride, it took me well over an hour to get to work. The commute to work is almost straight north, so the next time the north wind is blowing like this, I need to think to leave earlier.

Not much exciting happening here, just another day at the salt mine. Have a good week, everyone!

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well things look promising but wont know until Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. This is one of the biggest catering companies in town so pretty confident with my background. Almost 20 years of cooking and a managers position thrown in cant hurt either!!

And traffic court was given a continuance until Jan 20th so that will probably get thrown out. If The assistant D.A. says ridiculous to your case and Ya over hear it its not a bad thing is it???? :shock::lol::lol::lol:

A drama queen called the cops over a fender SCRAPER on me. Did not even crack either vehicles bumper. I have more damage to my Personal vehicle than she had to her car and I was driving a rental car when I backed into her!!!! B.S. charges!!

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