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3 years and 7 months surviving

betty boop

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Hello, I just wanted to do a quick update for everyone on my cancer journey. It started April 2006. I was 43 years old, nonsmoker who thought I had pneumonia. Surprise, it was IIIB Adenocarcinoma. Went through gemzar and carboplatin and radiation - back for more radiation due to a new tumor, then since May 2007 I have been on Tarceva 50 mg. 75 mg was too much for my system.

Anyway, I am still battling nodules growing in both lungs but they are small and not causing any discomfort. Staying on Tarceva until a major change.

I just want to encourage you if you are just starting this cancer diagnosis, hang in there. God is still in the miracle business. They told me April 25, 2006 that I had 6 months to live. Here I am with a good quality of life and working, taking care of my family and living with lung cancer. You can do it.

I pray for the best for you, if you'd like to talk, just message me.

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Your another one of my heroes Betty! I am so glad to see ya fighting and surviving and this goes to show just how effective tarceva can be!!!

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Thanks for the update, Betty. I have followed your cancer journey via your blog. I am TracyD's aunt. I believe you two corresponded for a while. I am happy to see you are still doing pretty darn good. I have thoroughly enjoyed your family pics and updates. I am so hoping you continue doing well and can beat this beast to the ground. Tracy was inspired by you ~ as so many are. Good luck


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I am sure your experience in your journey has helped many newbies to the cancer walk. It gives hope. It helps many to be able to look forward with positive thoughts.

Thank you for posting and updating. Believe me, I enjoy your great attitude. It has lifted my spirits. Wishing you many blessings. :D


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Betty, thanks for the positive update. I was dx'd Oct 07. I did have pneumonia but also IIIb Adenocarcinoma. It's hard thinking of being on chemo indefinitely but we do what we have to do. And, like you, I'm staying alive and doing pretty darn well for a 65-yr-old with cancer.

Judy in Key West

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