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Can you believe this crap??!!!/updated 11/22


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An hour before I am to go for my breast biopsy I get a call from the surgeons office. They say that I have an appointment at 1:10 p.m. and they need a new referral. I told them the gyn's office already faxed it over last week. They say they don't have a copy in the file and they are telling me this an hour before my appt and not the day before when I could have gotten it taken care of.

So I call the gyn's office and they are out to lunch until 1:30. GREAT!! So I go to the appt and send Tom downstairs to pickup a copy of the referral while I get checked in. Then they say I 'm sorry we do have a copy after all. ARGGHHH!!! So Tom is downstairs for nothing.

So they call me in and Martha and I go into the room and the doc does his little ultrasound looking for the area to biopsy. BUT, he is not sure that what he is seeing is the area that they are talikng about. They decide not to do the biopsy in the office but send me downstairs to the breast center where they will do an ultrasound guided vaccum assisted biopsy. The doc said he would not charge me for the first appt and we will pretend like I was never there.

So now I have to get a new referral for the new biopsy. I go back downstairs to request it and they said it may not be ready until Friday. Okay fine. Before we leave the building we go to pick up the copies of Tom's last scans and while I was there I signed to get copies of my ultrasound from last week. While I was waiting I get a call from the gyn's office and they say the referral is ready. Then it is back upstairs to pick that up and back down again to the breast center to make the appt. OY VEY!!! Thank GOD all the doctor's are in the same building as the hospital. I would have been thouroughly pissed had I had to drive back and forth to different places.

And I took a vacation day for this. :roll:

Now the new appt is set for Friday morning at 9:30 a.m.


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I did finally get my biopsy and the procedure did not hurt at all like I thought it would. It did hurt later in the day after the lidocaine wore off and most of the day saturday. I am feeling much better today.

They told me I should have results by Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.


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