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Obama has LC?


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I saw the cover of Enquirer and it just said Obama scare with LC. Says he has been coughing a lot and has lst 25 pounds sine election. I never read anything else because its the Enquirer and I wouldn't trust anything they say. If any of this was true, I would think there would be something on the news about it.

Hugs - Patti B.

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The only one I trust worth while is the Enquirer. Think about it, they broke the John Edwards scandal wide open and were right the whole time! :wink::lol::shock:

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Yes, and these kinds of rags also broke the Monica Lewinsky/Clinton thing. You know the regular press doesn't tell us everything for national security reasons.

I thought it interesting because Obama has been a bit delinquent on making national decisions. On the other hand, he's been traveling....

His grandmother died of LC, and his mom died of ovarian cancer?


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