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Friday's Air


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Morning All! For all you working folk, TGIF! Most especially to Ann and Bud, faithful visitors to the Air.

I'm sneaking in again. Don't know how long the calm will last. I'm in PSL with a squirelly internet. I didn't even get notice of two pms and responses to the Air yesterday and know I have the proper boxes checked. ??????

Got my grandson off to school this morning. In fifth grade and wanting to wear cologne already! He had a rough night and when a kid has a rough night, you have a rough night. My daughter called already. She wants out of the hospital but it's all about saturation and oxygen and getting rid of all the fluid they pumped in for the kidney infection. They didn't want to start her on Lasik or anything until they were certain the infection was cleared. Just gotta wait. She's on the same floor she works with and has all her friends coming in and out so I'm trying not to feel guilty for not spending all day there. Was there for about and hour and a half yesterday afternoon. Don't know when I'll get in today. I'm tired and am picking up the child (which I love to do) at the Karate school where he goes after school.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Judy...thanks for the TGIF !!! I definitely need that, especially after this week. It's just been one of those weeks, topped off by my depression and sadness during this time of year. I hope you're enjoying this time with your grandson. Wow...these guys sure do like to start smelling nice at an early age!

I couldn't believe that my favorite radio station started playing Christmas music already. I leave this station on all day at the office and I guess this morning they started with the all day Christmas mode. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music but for the past 7 years, since losing Dennis at this time of year, it's been a very sad time for me. I'm doing good to make it through the month leading up to Christmas and now it seems that everywhere you look, the Christmas season is being extended. It just seems to smother me.

OK....I have to remember I'm in the JFF forum and not the grieving forum, so let me try and switch modes here,

Our weather has been great here, with the high around 80 and the lows in the 60's at night. We are very dry and desperately need some good down pours, as small brush fires have been breaking out all over the place during the past week or so. The last time we had a measurable amount of rainfall was October 11th and with the heat we've had, we need much more rain.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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Good Morning!

Ann - you can pour out your sorrows here whenever you need to - (((Ann)))

- and they DO start the Christmas music too soon - the rule in our house is we don't put it on until the day after Thanksgiving.

and Judy - no guilt!!! That is a hard one, I know - but taking care of your grandson is the BEST way to help your daughter!

I had every intention of getting up early this morning and cleaning the house, but then Farmville was calling, and Farm Town, and Cafe World - it is bad, really really bad!! :lol:

The day here is unbelievable - sunny - 61 degrees - perfect. Time to go clean.

peace - Janet

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my fave station has already switched over! Hope it helps cause Its gonna be a long dreary holiday this year !!! Waiting for My Balsam wreathe from Maine to get here and the house is decorated!!! Maybe the tree will go up but aint banking on it this year!!!

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