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Clover is home!


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I just wanted to update you all on Clover, our family dog. I posted one month ago that she was rushed to the animal hospital and suffering from a seemingly incurable form of encephalitis. Well, today she is home and almost back to new! We are so thankful for all your prayers and are very happy that our house is somewhat back to normal!



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It is wonderful the unconditional love that our pets provide us. They are a source of comfort and relief when we just need someone to cuddle with.

I am so happy that Clover is ok. My Cats; Norman, Vladimir, Hannah, Mickey, and James Dean, all send their love and wishes for a purrrrfectly happy homecoming.

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So happy Clover is home---she must have been overjoyed to be home with her family

ok I see I am not the only multiple cat owner----so I can say-(without being called an eccentric cat lady) BoBo, Tabitha, Maggie, Mikey and Eddie all wish Clover their best (although they are not too fond of dogs, they will make an exception in this case)


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What a happy thread. This is a joy.

Our 21 year old cat, T.C. sends her congrats.

We had 3 cats:

T.C. The Cat

T.O.C. The Other Cat

L.C. Last Cat

T.C. the oldest is still hanging in, skinny as can be, eats like a pig and still can jump up on the kitchen counters.

Glad Clover is home and well.


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Houdini-Dog sends greetings and best wishes to Clover and his People. Glad to know Clover is a SURVIVOR! :)

Fay A.

(who is signed in as a guest because I can't log in for some reason that only a computer literate person would know. I have only been allowed to turn the computer on without the direct supervision of one of my children since early Summer!)

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Jody and Otis (Border Collie and Black Lab) and Kitsy and Charlie (of the feline persuasion) are glad to hear that Clover is home. Jody, by the way, is a 6 month SURVIVOR of liver cancer (operation) and doing quite well!

Give Clover a big rawhide bone from all of us!


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Misty my little half miniture pug and half wire terrier(Johnny called her his little Gremlyn) says if clover is in good shape maybe she can whip him now if he is under 200 pounds!! She only weighs about 8 pounds but she thinks she is a Husky!!!!!!!!! Anyway welcome home Clover. I hope you live a long and healty life and stay away from those bullies like Misty!!

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