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Dog Socks!


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I bought a new pair of dog socks today. Exactly this time 5 years ago I was going for radiation every day. I have many dog socks, but the very coolest ones were always commented upon by the rad technicians. Those memorable socks are a bit threadbare and pretty sorry looking. I LOVE those socks. But today.......I bouught a new pair. God is good! I will save those old ones though - forever. I will always remember.

Don't forget to celebrate every day ~ no matter what.


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I will drink to threadbare dog socks - I thought Teddy had new ones, my Daisy dog from Alaska had booties, and quite a few sets to keep those ice balls from building up in her paws.

Congrats, Kasey, on your survival. The techs teased me about my Altoids sours, since I was trying to cover the taste of radiation... Shoulda thought to wear some wild socks!

Here's to your socks, and to Teddy's paws, too! :lol:



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Brilliant, Becky. I never thought of dog socks. Just kept towels by the door to remove the little snowballs when the dogs came in.

Congrats Kasey - it's been a long tough 5 years, but you're doing wonderfully. So glad you sought that 3rd or 4th or whatever opinion!


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Hi Kasey,

Just getting to see this posting. I send my congrats on the five years and on the fact that you can put your old (socks) memories away in a drawer.

Now, you are onto a bright outlook, and doggie will have substantial protection against the ice. :lol:

You are an inspiration, truly. Your post really made me smile. :D

It made my day!


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