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Sunday's Air


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Beautifal day in NTX today. Currently 46 degrees looking to head up to about 67 with sun and a slight breeze.

We have been cleaning this week in preparation of Thanksgiving. I have made some progress in the area of mobility in that I am trying to do more. For a while I could not do much due to the pain of various mets and then due to the damage left behind. Next came the the problems associated with balance which is possibly associated with MS. I am learning to compensate for those issues although every once in a while I still forget, and end up having to hunt a wall to brace myself against. It's just that my mind still feels 20 and and my body just doesn't follow suit, lol.

Looking forward to finishing the cleaning and relaxing, a little on this beautiful Sunday.

Judy, as always my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

Lily, you have been on my mind much, as much of what you have written is very profound and touching and reminds me soooo much of My Mikey. Although he did not die of cancer, he left suddenly without warning of any kind.

Just know that I am right there with you, girlfriend.

As for the rest of you out there in cyberspace Lungevity land. I think you of daily and remember you in my prayers and hope that, wherever you are that you will have a blessed and wonderful day.

My heart sings today and for that I am blessed


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Dawn, what a lovely post. I'm so glad I was able to slip in this evening. Sounds like you're doing relatively well given what you have to deal with. Guess the holiday season is a pick-me-up. I need to get home and start tackeling the tree and decorations AFTER Thanksgiving before I start to feel better about things.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. My daughter is home and is actually sounding more upbeat tonight. Her new hot water heater sh@t the bed and she hasn't had hot water since she came home from the hospital until late today. I'm going to get her out of the house tomorrow. She wants to go get some groceries. We'll eat out too. I'm sick of weight watcher food. I may cheat a little.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Hello :) It's been a few days since I've posted. BUT I have good news to report. I actually went out to lunch today with friends! I can't say it was easy, but baby steps right? Maybe these meds are starting to help me. I have a Dr. appt tomorrow and am going to ask for another bottle! ha ha

Weather here today was nice. Not too cold but the sun was shining which was nice. I got a new lock put on my bedroom door, I don't know if you remember but my son had left the front door unlocked all night last week and I have been terrified ever since. But...I'll be safe tonight which means no all night face book cafe and it will give Ann a chance to get ahead of me again.

Tomorrow is my finger printing for a job I applied for. Wish me luck!

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Happy Sunday, everyone! I had a very lazy day yesterday. I slept eight and a half hours, which I never do. But, I had no particular reason to get up early, and figured a long night's sleep might help my cold. Rose and I grocery shopped as well as shopped for a storm door. I think that was a little too much for her for one day yet, so she took it easy today.

My cold was a lot better this morning, so I hopped on the bike at 7:30 am. I did a shorter, easier ride than I usually do on a weekend, since I'm just getting over my cold. I ended up with just over 61 miles.

The weather is supposed to be mild for the next few days, so I'm planning on riding to work every day this week, then it's a FOUR DAY WEEKEND! Works for me...

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I have been kind of playing hooky the past few days. I read a little but not much. I too got hooked on the cafe but I am trying very hard to catch up on some of my projects because I am leaving in two weeks for my trip to Louisiana to spend Christmas with my family.

I always get a little uneasy about leaving Misty and all I own behind and this year is no exception but now I am getting excited.

Dawn thank you for thinking about me. Sometimes I wonder if I don't post too much about my life and my grief sense it has been 7 years but I know that greif is on going. It never really ends. Just knowing that someone can relate gives my emotions a boost. It doesn't matter what took you loved one. Your husband is gone and that is a greif that no one else will ever feel as strogly as you do.

Judy enjoy your time with your daughter. I am so glad that she is home and will be home for Thanksgiving. Emjoy your holiday and take care of YOU too.

Bud take care of that cold. Don't forget that damn flu is going around and we don't want any of our friends here to be lost to it. We have enough loss here already.

Michelle congradulations. Yes it is baby steps and sometimes those steps will take you backwards instead of forward. You just have to keep trying. Take care and keep in touch.

Now if I don't post much this week it will be for good reason. Going to my sister in laws for a few days to spend Thanksgiving with them and the rest of the time I will be making candy and cookies. Got to give them out before I leave.

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