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FINALLY some good news


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Hello Lungevity Family -

It has been a long time since I have been on this site. Since August, Glenn came home from the rehab hospital. He went from being bedridden and needing care 24/7, to a walker and care 24/7 to a cane and now he is walking and driving! We're out of money again thanks to all out of pocket expenses for caregivers, but it was worth it. Between caring for him and my new boss, Ihaven't been able to catch a minute to post for quite a while. Michelle love the memory thread and will post to that soon. Right now I'm actually enjoying life and taking a deep breath.

Now for the REALLY good news - PET Scan in July showed improvement everywhere, and a CT scan 3 weeks ago - on the one-year anniversary of finding out it was stage IV lung cancer showed stable disease. WOOOO HOOOO! I've read several posts from Dr. West that stable and improving are equal when it comes to survivability so what a gift the past two scans have been.

I've been nervous cuz Glenn started Alimta maintenance chemo last week but he seems to be over most of his side effects. He now has something called autonomic neuropathy - his central nervous system can no longer regulate his blood pressure or volume. BUT good news yet again - the meds have kicked in and GLenn has learned some of the warning signs so he hasn't passed out or had a fall in about a month (fingers crossed of course)!

So, we are back to being almost normal. And my 12-year-old stepson has come to live with us cuz his mother can't handle him any more. It's a challenge and it's taken a few weeks to get him back in the groove, but we are all together as a family again (he used to live with us), except for my son in New Orleans. But he is doing good too.

So I have a big early Christmas present! I've read so many posts today that have made me sad, but we got a hand back up the mountain again with great care, great friends, lots of prayers, and a great family. I pray for all, and that you all receive a helping hand.

Now back to the game - The Redskins are actually not losing yet and it's the beginning of the 2nd half. :-)

Hugs to all. Kathleen

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Kathleen, this is just the kind of good new we love to hear! I am amazed at the way some people just bounce back. Glenn is certainly an inspiration to me. When you get a chance to post again, we'd love to have his short story in General Forum, Late Stage Survivors. Last I checked we had more than a couple of dozen who posted to date.

Come to think of it, I'm going to give it a bump right now.


Judy in Key West

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