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Angry Tonight


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My Aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this last week. It looks like they caught it early, but that's not confirmed yet. She meets with the oncologist this week.

This was the very same week that my Mom was diagnosed.

My Aunt is one of my 'strong women' role models. One of the women in my life that I have always known to be powerful, and incredible. I'm actually named after her (middle name not first), which is an extra connection.

She's on my Dad's side. My Mom's side of the family has had 4 of 7 siblings diagnosed with 5 different types of cancers. Now it's on Dad's side too. Just looking at the genetic crap shoot I have ahead of me too. But mostly I just want cancer to leave my family--either side of it--the hell alone.

On top of that, I've just missed Mom so much the last few days. There was the diagnosis day and a Thanksgiving meal and that brought back a lot of memories about the year she was diagnosed--that was the first Thanksgiving I hosted and she was there. The last holiday we had together as I didn't make it home for Christmas that year. Plus, a girl should be able to call her mama when she hosts a Thanksgiving meal for 21 people incredibly successfully. I've been mad that she isn't here this week anyway, so add this is and... Yeah.

Sucky news. I hope her prognosis is good. Please pray for her. I know in LC world 'breast cancer' stuff is kind of our pet peeve, but still... It's no less serious or awful for those who are dealing with it.

Done now.

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But personally cancer is cancer and its all bad stuff.. Hang in there and will say some extra prayers for You and the Family! good that they caught it early!

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Dear Val,

I do understand how those painful memories sneak back into our lives and wreak havoc. I am sorry that any cancer has again hit your family. Please know that you and your family will be in my prayers.


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(((Val))), I will most certainly keep your aunt in my prayers. As for breast cancer being a "pet peeve", I don't think that is the case at all. If only we could be just as successful in getting the same recognition and support for lung cancer that there is for breast cancer, it would be wonderful. As has been said, cancer is cancer and it's all horrible. Praying for early stage and good prognosis for your aunt and sending lots of hugs your way to help you through all the sad memories you are having during this time.



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