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Morning All! I'm in early this morning because someone near me in the RV park came in around 5 am. The car or truck engine, slamming door and car alarm woke me. No fun since it was nearly eleven when I went to bed last night.

I'm taking my daughter out for some groceries today and hope I get back to the coach for a rest before going out again. ic I want to pick up my grandson after school and spend some time with him.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

This morning was a bit tough for a bike commute. It was 44 degrees, with the thickest fog I've every ridden in. When you're doing 12 mph, and feeling like you're going too fast for the conditions, the fog must be thick! I kept having to wipe the mist off my glasses.

But it's supposed to warm into the 70's this afternoon, so it will be perfect for the ride home. Have a great day, everyone!

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Good morning everyone. I've of course been up since 2am "again" ughhhh But I have a busy day today. Going to get finger printed for a job, then off to the doctor for another bottle of magic pills! Then...I've decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner so I best go get a turkey. It will just be my son and myself, but Thanksgiving was always my husbands favorite holiday. We're going to consider it a "Celebration of Life" day for him.

Weather here is cold this morning 35 degrees but it should warm up I hope.

Have a good day everyone ! :)

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So sorry to hear that you were awakened so early this morning, Judy. I have a neighbor that always mows his lawn at the break of day on Saturday mornings, my day to sleep a little later. Don't you just have to wonder how people can go through life with so little consideration for others?

Bud, be careful riding in heavy fog. I'm sure you're always very cautious but it's crazy drivers that you have to worry about!!! I wish I had the ambition and energy to ride a bike to work. Maybe I need to think about that.

Michelle...sorry you're still on the 2 am cycle. After you start work that should get better. I'm glad you're cooking on Thursday. I'm going to cook but other than the day that I lost Dennis, Thanksgiving is the hardest day of the year for me to deal with. So, we'll all pull each other through that day.

Still no rain for us here on the Space Coast but people in parts of central Florida did get some rain yesterday. Maybe Muriel was one of the lucky ones. There's supposed to be a nice, strong cold front headed this way and expected to move through here on Wednesday. The weekend is supposed to be great, with highs in the mid 60's. I can't wait. For the last 7 years, it's really taken a lot to get me motivated at this time of year and I just know the cool weather will help.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


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