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Getting to Know You - Monday, November 23


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Let's pretend you're at a bake sale and there's every imaginable cake, cookie, pie, bread or candy available to buy but you can only buy five things....one of each. What will your five items be?

P.S. Our Auxiliary is having a bake sale and your answers will help me determine what to make. So, I guess you can call this a marketing survey...lol.

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"Ann"]So...I guess I have to make some carrot cake...lol!!! But, you now have to give me two more choices, as I am planning on taking five different goodies!!!


Wait until I try Katie's eggrolls and cheesecake tonight. Maybe I'll put those on the list.

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carrot cake

Black forest cherry cake

Strawbeerry Cheesecake

Gingerbread cookies cause Ya know they are gonna seel this time of year!

Chocolate chip cookies

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Cheese cake

ginger cookies

peanut butter cookies

Oatmeal raisen cookies

Key Lime Pie

Cheese cake is my all time favorite dessert. I found a great receipe last year for Big Soft Ginger Cookies and oooohhhhhhhhhh they are so good. I also just made up a key lime pie that is scrumptous. I am so glad I can bake and let others eat all of those caleries. I have towatch myself too because cookies hot out of the oven um um.

Starting tomorrow I am going to be making these cookies and some others and also pralines and peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge with nuts. Cream cheese spritz cookies and tomorrow cinniamon pecan danish. Need help with that bake sale Ann?

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Carrot cake with pecans and cream cheese icing

Peanut butter cookies

Chocolate-peanut butter fudge,

Pumpkin bread with spice glaze

And since I know nothing about baking bread, small tubs Southern Bread Pudding with rum sauce.

And last but not least Magic Cookie Bars. (I know that is one more than asked, but these are real easy and taste like Heaven)

I put on 5 lb.s just typing that list, lol


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