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17 Ways to Cook a Turkey


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17 Ways To Cook A Turkey

1. Go buy a turkey

2. Take a drink of whisky

3. Put turkey in the oven

4. Take another 2 drinks of whisky

5. Set the degree at 375 ovens

6. Take 3 more whiskys of drink

7. Turk the bastey

8. Whisky another bottle of get

9. Ponder the meat thermometer

10. Glass yourself a pour of whisky

11. Bake the whisky for 4 hours

12. Take the oven out of the turkey

13. Floor the turkey up off of the pick

14. Turk the carvey

15. Get yourself another scottle of botch

16. Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey

17. Bless the dinner and pass out

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