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It's difficult


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This time of year has always been a hard one for me as I know itvwill be for many of you, esp those who are going thru the "firsts" this holiday season

know that while things are never the same

things do get better

thanksgiving was my moms favorite holiday and until 2 years ago she did the day up like you would not believe! I miss being a part of that. While I can create a special day for my kids, I miss being someones daughter and having that special day with my parents. I guess in some small ways I'll always miss that

then we slide right into Christmas, another day to miss having my parents, 4 days after my dads birthday

10 days later the day my mom had a stroke

8 days later the day my mom died

two weeks after that my moms birthday

SO this time of year is a difficult one for me

I don't know why I'm rambling...I guess to ask for some prayers of strength

it's Thanksgiving morning and I'm typing this on my phone

and as I'm getting ready to start the day my heart just aches a bit

I'll be praying for all of us who are missing the presence of our loved ones this holiday season

Thnks for letting me ramble

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It's been 23 years since I lost my dad and 1o years since I lost my mother. The holidays are always rough without them. I still miss them so much! I don't know how we do it but we all find the strength to go on - day by day - year by year. Having understanding friends helps. Hugs to you {{{{{Katie}}}}}


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Thanksgiving has always been my family's favorite holiday as well and this will be a "first for me without my husband". I will cook a dinner and set a place for my husband at the head of the table the way I always have. I told my son that I want to consider this day a "celebration of life" for Don. It sure sounded good at the time I said it, but looking at what needs to be done this morning I now realize how hard this is going to be.....BUT I will forge on and get through it with all the help from my friends here and my son as well.

I pray for each and everyone of us daily and will continue to do so. I also wish you all a very special day with your friends and families.


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I guess we can all related to the loss of a loved one. We can live behind there memeories and there shadows,but that don't do any good for them or for us.

I don't **Word not allowed** foot around about it anymore. They are gone like it or not, I can NOT bring them back. Nor can you, I can remember all the wonderderfull fun things we did together when they were here. That's what I choose to do.

God Loved our lost loved ones, because I sure do. I am proud of all my loved ones, and I want them proud of me. There memory lives on forever...



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Katie, I have to admit, I've been avoiding the "grieving" threads the little time I've had to come onsite since I've been in PSL. Today I read yours after reading Ry's post telling us that Rich is no longer with us. I thought at first to pm you but after reading this post decided to tell you here. I don't know how you and all the others who have been with LCSC these many years do it. You have lost loved ones off-site but also so many onsite. I have to admit, after only a couple of years I've thought of taking more than the short breaks I've taken from time to time. My mother died when I was a baby. My father when I was twenty-something. Since then I've had too many loses to count. Recently that number has been increasing rapidly. Guess because I'm getting old. I'm feeling old, tired and worn down with the grieving the past couple of years. For now I will keep coming here though and gather strength from my LCSC friends. You are amazing examples of how it's done.

Judy in Key West

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Yes Katie it is hard. The holidays are hard anytime you are missing a loved one but when so many bad memoreis and aniversary days come it is even harder.

For me Thanksgiving was pretty much the begging of the end of my life with Johnny, Then Cristmas without him and far from my family for the first time almost destroyed me. Later it was my birthday In February and remembering that we had met at that same time of year so many years ago. Then there was Valentines Day the day we would have been married and a month later his birthday. Now I can add February 23rd the day me ex died and my mom's birthday was on February 12. My Aniversary with Denis was January 9.

I think my point is that there is really no time during the year that can not bring up the painful memories or the losses but it does seem like certain months are more cruel than others.

Hugs and best wishes Katie. Make memories for your children now......... That is always important.

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