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Thanksgiving Air


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Morning All! This is for anyone who drops in around their Turkey Dinner, football games, or parade. HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

Wendy and I did most of the prepping yesterday so hopefully today will not be so hard. I'm a bit tired and couldn't get to sleep last night. Guess I was too wound up. I'm enjoying my time with Wendy and Dom but am looking forward to going home on Saturday too.

Good to see my friends onboard on Wednesday Air. Bud, I missed the "nipply" altogether lol. Ned I was thinking of you this morning. Been missing you since I haven't be onsite so much until the last few days. Lilly and Michelle, glad we get to see each other on FB too. Hope you all have a great holiday.

I'll have to remember to do a JFF post about a funny car maintenance story. Oh yeah, my grandson said it was more stupid than funny lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Happy Turkey Day to everyone! Judy, I'm glad you're able to spend this day with your family, but please don't overdue it ok?

As always I've been up since 2am again :( I've just been playing FB and visiting here to see if anyone was around.

I made my pie and cranberries yesterday. It will just be my son and I today, so I'm making the dinner simple. I really haven't cooked much in months since my husband was ill and my son is so darn picky. Every holiday when I'm cooking I like to play music while in the kitchen so I've picked out some nice cd's that will cheer me up (hopefully).

Getting through all the "firsts" is hard as many of you know. But my husband used to always tell me what a strong woman I am, so I'll get through it.

Wanna hear something funny? Each year while I had the turkey in the oven I used to tell my husband....look outside...you won't see one single bird in sight! He laughed and said it's because they smell their relatives!!! LOL I'm looking out my window right now too and can't see a single bird. You need to all look and let me know if it happens there too! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you and God Bless!

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