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Happy Thanksgiving to My Favorite Support Group


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Dear All,

You have supported me, and also given me the opportunity to be able to try to support you when needed. It has kept me bolstered many, many times, and confident at poignant moments in this "walk."

This Thanksgiving Day was very special for Bill and for me. Something, which cannot be explained easily, touched all of us in our family. It made the day one of remembrance. Bill, I and two of our children who were with us knew we were all loved.

I am grateful for that, and for our other children who are doing so much for Bill's quality of life.

Thanks to them, and to all of you who are with us on this journey.


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I'm late in my well-wishes to you too, Barbara. I am glad it was a special Thanksgiivng and I think I know exactly what you mean. I've been thinking of you and Bill and hoping he is feeling well and you are holding up. This journey is one none of us shoud have to take. But being on it we are ~ and I am glad to be on with you. Belated thanks to you, Barbara, for the wonderful woman you are ~ for Bill AND all of us.


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Dear Judy and Kasey,

What a lovely response and from two pretty faces. :D

You know, we had a very quiet day, but everything turned out so very nicely that it seemed exceptionally special.

Jeanne made me a dry martini 8) , Joe had picked out the turkey (which turned out absolutely perfect), and Bill ate so much that it began to make me wonder where he was putting it all.

Joe connected us with SKYPE, where we "met" our new great granddaughter, and spoke to her Mom and Dad (our granddaughter and her hubbie).

Our son, John and his wife Linda, and our grandson, Alex, stopped by on their way to Linda's brother's home. We had been invited, but the trip would have been way too much for Bill, and probably for me, as well. I'm a little pooped.

They will be here for Christmas.

Our son, Bill, begged off in lieu of coming here Monday with a friend who will cut Bill's hair into a buzz cut. He needs it badly.

Fr. Bill had been here last week to give his father the Annointing of the Sick. It must have worked because Bill has been up and around, eating his way through turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. :lol:

Love you guys,


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I too am late Barb but do want to say I am glad it was a special day for you.

My Thanksgiving was nice spent with family. I did enjoy it but not the over 3 hours of washing dishes yesterday. Seems the young ones always have some excuse to leave and we older ones get left with the mess. I didn't have much choice because my sister in law is really not able and she did push the limits. I did have a good time but am extremely tired and very glad to be back home.

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Yes, Lily, the cleanup is the one unfavorite chore. :roll:

But, you now appreciate having your own place to yourself, and able (hopefully) to take a nice rest.

Tomorrow, I plan a long nap. It will be the first day without anybody around. :wink: Bill can take one, too, which he does anyway. :lol:


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