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Tarceva and hair loss


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I didn't have a whole lot of hair when I started Tarceva, since it had all disappeared with Taxol and recovered only partly during the months I was on Avastin alone. So while I didn't have any more actual LOSS with Tarceva, it sure didn't grow very much either! It's starting to fill out a bit now that I've switched to Alimta.


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On Tarceva 9 weeks now. My hair is still here. I think it is a little finer, but not falling out. For awhile, my eyebrows stopped regrowing, but they are starting to fill in where I don't want them, and very coarse. Legs and pits - slow growing, but coarse.

My scalp is a bit crusty, but a little Bumble and Bumble Hair Tonic has kept it under control - it's got tea tree oil as a component.

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When I first started Tarceva I lost about 1/3 of my hair from thinning. Then I got the rash very badly on my scalp and lost most of the rest. In June of this year I shaved what was left down - it is growing back very slowly - it is probably about 1/4 inch long at best now.

I don't know if there is anything that can be done about the thinning - but as far as the rash and crustiness that comes with it - keep on top of it with a good dermatologist - mine got out of hand and developed into a staph infection.

On the flip side - my eyelashes are in constant need of being trimmed!

peace - janet

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My best friend was diagnosed 3 months ago with AdenoCarcinoma Stage IV and has been on Tarceva.  I see that thinning of the hair is normal so I will pass that on to her but she wanted to know if it was strange that she has lost her upper eyelashes but not her bottom ones.  Also, is the thinning of the hair a short term reaction to this drug.  Thanks!

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Thanks Tom and i rang the oncologist office yesterday to see if i can get in quicker for an appointment to start some treatment but she said they are waiting for the report on my biopsy looking for markers so im assuming thats to see if i can get immunotherepy treatment but biopsy was done dec 29th so how long does that test take ? My pet scan is on 18th dec and thats the earliest available and the oncologist on the 24th jan ...my holiday is Feb 14th for 18 days so im nervous about not getting enough treatment in before i go 

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