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My history with Dadstimeon


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I know we all have stories of our own relationship with Rich. They are as all-encompassing and diverse as we all are. But they all have the same underlying feeling.........he supported us, educated us and generally kept our spirits up so that we could fight the disease or support those who were fighting it.

My story began when I joined this board and started reading Rich's pearls of wisdom, I was living in Vt at the time and read about Heather Saler's walk in NJ. I knew that my small town in VT could not bring in the support that we would need so Boston, where my daughter lived and I often visited, seemed like the obvious answer.

Rich answered my pm imediately with his usual enthusiam. The readers digest version is that we met for lunch in Watertown and left the restaurant much later like two old friends. The seeds had been planted and before we knew it we had decided that it was quite posible to get this walk off the ground.

A post here from Rich brought a few other people who were also MA residents and up for the challenge. The rest you all know. With Rich's dogged determination we got that first walk off the ground in 2006 and haven't looked back since.

We have raised close to half a million dollars and Rich has left a legacy that few can lay claim to. That first year he nagged and cajoled us and we got it all done, the whole committee has a lot to be proud of but for me nothing will ever equal the feeling of pride Rich and I shared after that first walk.

Like everyone here I have been forever changed by knowing Rich, he was a friend like no other I've had before and cannot envisage ever having again.

So long my friend, we've had a blast!


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I also never met Rich but Loved his outlook on his fight and his Life. I think I am a better person for knowing him. He truly never did give up and HE lived his life with no fears!! He always was so upbeat about winning and advocating!!! Never seemed to have a bad day....................

RIP Rich!! Miss ya big guy. :(:cry::(

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Katie you have no idea what memories you have stirred.

Rich and I decided to give the money to LUNGevity - I think we were still eating our burgers at that point - as long as the money was split with LCSC. (This was when you were independent and paying all the expenses yourselves.)

Anyway as we had 'met' on LCSC we were determined that you would see some benefit from whatever we could raise. Rich took it from there, I can only imagine what hoops he jumped through and made everyone else jump through in our quest for your getting what we considered to be your fair share, you had after all introduced us in a manner of speaking.

Our "blind date" that day at Ruby Tuesday's (we both had an avatar with which to identify the other) turned into a two or three hour lunch that turned into a friendship that will last me the rest of my lifetime, as I hope it lasted Rich through his.

Thanks for the memory Katie, it was good to remember.


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