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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! It's been a little overcast this morning but I see the sun coming out now. Had my coffee on the screen porch--windy but very pleasant.

Went to group last night in spite of ongoing fatigue. Was so glad I did. Our friend Marilyn is back from her home on Long Island so there were four of us. Went to Obadonza and had pasta because Loreen loves martini's and she says they make a good one there lol. I had to take a raincheck on Marilyn's jello made with vodka. I was that tired.

Went to bed at 9:30 but slept til 8 am again. Hope I'm just catching up. I've been feeling so good until I hit the wall yesterday with fatigue. That's really my only symptom except the arthritis pain especially in my hands. Using them alot fluffing this darn tree so that's no surprise.

Did anyone see the gorgeous full moon last night???

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Saw that full moon last night, and the near full moon the night before through the SNOWFLAKES!

No snow on the lawn or car this morning, though, just the nip of Jack Frost on my nose.

Glad to see you up and moving, Judy, and taking time from that tree fluffing to post the air... :wink:

Time to move, holiday shopping time is running shorter with every day that passes and I am WAYYYYYY behind. Looks like I'll be working on the old fashioned Christmas stuff - baking and crafting. It seems to me that I get more of a reaction when I make gifts for my nieces and nephews than when I just buy them gifts. I've personalized piggy banks (they were cute) and message boards for their rooms, as well as strung colored beads and crystals on a very plain chandelier... Being unemployed also gives me that much coveted time to bake cookies and go all out on the decorating. Heck, I may even attempt a gingerbread house/neighborhood this year! (Riiiiiight)

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Good morning, everyone! It was 37 degrees and snowing hard as I drove to work this morning. It turned back to rain pretty quickly, although just a few miles northwest of here, they had a couple of inches on the ground.

Rose has announced that she's returning to work Saturday. She still can't do much lifting for a while, though.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone! I actually slept this morning till 5am...that's two days in a row now. I'm trying to change my routine (whatever that is these days)!

It's cold outside this morning....probably in the 30's but should warm up once the sun is shinning I hope.

Actually left the house yesterday yeaaaaa Took my son to wal mart for a new cell phone then went to the grocery store on the way home. I wish it had dawned on me that it was the 1st of the month. It was packed everywhere with people. I hate crowds....they make me nervous. Anyway, going out yesterday ended up costing me too much money ughhhh So, today I'm staying inside.

Judy, I know what you mean about arthritis in the hands. I used to crotchet a lot and had to stop because of it. Sad really because I loved it so much.

Any of you who read my wall yesterday knows I'm going to be getting a baby kitten! I hear she's a little terror and yet adorable, so I've decided to name her Randy! :D:D

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I am up but not sure I am here. I have developed a cold and I feel pretty miserable. It is clear and low 30s here. It is supposed to warm up to the 60s today. They are saying that our rain will finally start next week. It is suppsed to get colder and wet but I should be on my way to Louisiana by then.

Needless to say this cold has me worried with that long trip ahead of me. I am just glad I will have my roomette that way if I don't feel like mingling with people I can have my meals brought to me. I am pretty sure it is just a cold and not the flu. I have no fever and the worse is my sinus headache and stuffy nose. I just dread the bus ride and having them turn the heaters up. I much rather the cold and the heat always makes me cough even without a cold.

I am sure you all know that yesterday was a rough day for me. Today is the aniversary of Johnny's death but he passed so early in the morning that I don't have too many hours of those memories to haunt me. Yesterday as always I kept seeing all of the things that I should have done and could see what was happening every hour of that horrific day. I think now I should start to get better emotionally.

I have nuritis is my hands and when I do a lot of sewing or cooking like stirring in the pot or using the rolling pin my hands hurt so much they wake me up at night. I have had to learn to pace myself but I still enjoy my crochet and embroidery and plastic canvas. Made candy and cookies day before yesterday so that did a little number on my hands but am caught up with my sewing for now so that gives them a rest.

We will have our anual tree decorating party today. I plan on going, that is why I made the cookies although I woould probably have made them anyway. It will depend on how I am feeling too. I won't get too close with this cold. I don't want to give it to anyone else even though I am sure I got it from one of them. That and being worn out and stressed so much.

Michelle I used to make a gingerbread house every year for my kids and later for my grandkids. Year before last when I was with them for Christmas the first thing the kids asked for was a gingerbread house so we made one. that time from a kit but I used to do them from scratch.

Once I started with the plastic canvas I got the idea to make on from that. I searched until I found a pattern and so far I have made 2. One is for me ant the other I have in my suitcase. I have it all stitched but have to put it together when I get there. I plan on making one for each of my kids family and as time passes one for all 8 of my grandchildren. They are a lot of work and take about 20 to 30 hours to make but will be worth it.

I am rambling so I had better get off of here. I have so much to do before my trip and this cold is slowing me down.

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morning everyone!

it is 39 here and kind of gray. I am spending the day on the couch. I worked like a crazy person preparing for Thanksgiving, had a houseful of friends and family all weekend and then on Monday my body crashed!! I have a horrible sore throat and the shivers - not fun - but it was worth it - Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Judy it seems like just yesterday you were talking about fluffing the tree for last Christmas! Another Christmas - God is good!

I think since I am stuck inside feeling yucky I might start decorating today too. No fluffing a tree - we still get a real one - but I have boxes and boxes of inside decorations. I will see how I feel.

Michelle - Randy is a PERFECT name for your kitten!

peace - janet

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It's very overcast here on Florida's Space Coast today. We're supposed to have some pretty horrific weather moving in later tonight and into the morning. All of the television stations have been urging everyone that has a weather radio to keep it turned on, as conditions for tornados are very favorable with this cold air meeting the 80 degree temperatures. So, everyone please say a prayer for us as this front passes through.

Lillian....I remember seven years ago today and am holding you in my thoughts and prayers, as you relive those painful days.

Michelle....I think that's a perfect name. As you saw on FB, I liked the name Miss Chief....but I think Randy is very suitable. I'm so glad to hear that you've been sleeping better. Keep it up, girlfriend!!!

Judy...I know how hard "fluffing" can be on your hands. I'm just impressed that you used the word "darn" as my description would have ended in mned rather than rn.

Janet....Isn't it something how this year has really flown by? It makes me feel as if I'm aging way too quickly!!!

Bud...glad Rose is able to return to work. Make sure you bundle up for these cold morning rides.

And finally....Becky Snowflake....so good to see you this morning!!! I am so envious of all these wonderful things you are doing and making!!! Oh, to have the time to be creative ! the way my work situation is going, I may have that sooner than I like to think about.

So...I hope everyone has a wonderful day in their little corner of this big, beautiful world!!!


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