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Morning All! It's a little dreary and chilly in Key West this morning. The end result of the weather for the past couple of days is to have me aching all over my body. The front's always do that to me, and adding on all the activity of Christmas, I'm a physical mess. I just took two xtra strength Tylenol and hope I feel better by the time I get off the computer.

Funny news, a friend called me excitedly last evening to report her hen had baby chicks. I've been meaning to visit her up the Keys (Summerland) for a long time and just haven't made it. Waiting for her to call today so I can go see the babies. She said now when someone asks what it takes to get Judy to visit your house, she can tell them baby chicks. I think I was the only person she could think of to call that she KNEW would appreciate the new arrivals. She saw one when it still had shells on it. Awesome!

Bud, how warm is warm when it's time to go fishing? Hope Rose had a good first day at work and didn't finish too tired. Lily get well, travel safely and have a great time with family. Janet, so glad you're up and about. Nothing worse than getting the bug just when you're supposed to be getting ready for Christmas. Except, it could be worse, it could happen on Christmas so chop, chop--but don't wear yourself out and have a setback.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks Judy. I have a few more things to finish here then I will pack up my car and leave. I always hate the leaving part but once it is done I am alright. I think it is a little worse this year because I don't know if Misty will still be here when I get home. She is 17 now and the winter weather is coming now and it takes a toll on her. I also have one neighbor in the hospital and another who is having surgery next week for an anurizium(sp). Most of all it is just so damn beautiful here that a piece of my heart always stays behind.

Once again I wish you all a peaceful Christmas season. When I get a chance to check in I will but it won't be as often. Will I am hoping to one up on you with the fishing. My kids have been catching trout and redfish like crazy down in south Louisiana where I am heading. Judy to a fisherman it doesn't have to be very warm to be warm enough to fish. Take that from a fisherwoman. My husband used to throw the bait away just to get me to leave! I am always sure that as soon as my line leaves the water the BIG one will come along.

Well things to do and a car to pack. Once again take care all of you and know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love Lillian

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

I like it to be 40 degrees, at least, to go fishing. Yesterday's trip didn't work out. My boat motor cranking battery, which worked perfectly a couple of weeks ago, was a dead soldier. Neither of my trolling motor batteries had enough of a charge for a jump to work, either.

So I gave it up, and just drove home. As I was leaving the park, though, I noticed there were huge pecan trees everywhere. This is the right time of year for pecan trees. I stopped in the park, and within an hour, had gathered an overflowing wally world shopping bag full of pecans.

I got up early this morning, drove to wally world before the rush, and bought a new marine cranking battery. I was planning on riding my bike as soon as it warmed up a bit. But it's just now 40 degrees outside, and has started a steady misting. That wasn't supposed to happen until later in the day. I just can't quite seem to get this weekend's plans to work out.

My randonneuring club's Christmas party is this afternoon. I may have to settle for that and shelling pecans as today's excitement. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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Good Morning just stoppin in before I go do my daily chores of grocery shopping, take grandma shopping then I am going to see if my mom will teach me to crotchet(sp). We still need to decorate for Christmas and as much as I love the holidays I can not stand to decorate for them. Call me a scrooge but all I think about is the taking them BACK down part that just stinks :roll: But I would like to put some stuff up today and we will get our tree on Thurs. soooo.........

It is suppose to be a high of 32 here today. That is too dang cold for me but tomorrow and Tuesday will only be a high of 30. Brrrrr......

I have had three good days and hoping today I feeel good to. Cant say I feel perfect but this I could deal with. :D

Hope everyone has a fabulous day and safe travels for those traveling


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